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Also I don't like using my phone either. Am I out of options.

Why did Roman Empire leave Britain?

22 answers · History · 2 days ago

I'm looking for books I can get lost in?

12 answers · Books & Authors · 21 hours ago
Okay, so I just handed in my master's thesis and am mentally exhausted. I'm looking for book recommendations. I haven't read anything school related in years and I think my brain needs this to unwind. I love agatha Christies's poirot. And I have also read many miss Marple stories. I have read... show more

Was Jan Hus burned at the stake?

5 answers · History · 2 days ago
I’m finding conflicting stories on the internet. Some say he was sentenced to death and others say he wasn’t.

i have quite a few paperbacks which are from the early 1980's, they are so valuable to me, probably not to anyone else...but they are special to me because of their cover art illustrations -which you don't get on books now....but on a few of the paperbacks they are tattered and some of the pages are falling... show more

Why liberal states have the highest life expectancy?

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Best answer: It's the very reason why California has the 5th largest economy in the world.

They aimed to leave in pursuit of religious freedom, but...why would they just allow them to leave? I can't find any information on how they left, whether it be how they argued their case to leave, if they lied to leave, etc.

Street performing in the 1800s?

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Hello, I'm doing some writing and I've been trying to research what sort of street performing was popular during the 1800s (later part of the 19th century, so around 1880s - 1890s?) in London? For women as well as men?

Is this a good or bad style for writing fiction?

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Best answer: Good scene. The one thing I don't care for is the confusion of switching of perspectives. I'd show everything from David's perspective. Let David feel the foe collapse at his feet, instead of a separate narrator description.

Do bad actors get acting jobs?

12 answers · Other - Entertainment · 2 days ago
Best answer: Obviously not all roles are the same, and not all opinions are the same. Gerry Seinfeld was a great stand up comedian, but it took him a couple of years to get comfortable on the stage for his TV show. So for the first while all he did was stand in one spot and make comments. Jackie Chan , on the other hand,... show more

Is 30 too late to become a successful author?

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Best answer: "I don't think the world understand the German ideology." Since in both wars it was revealed as unprovoked invasion of non-belligerent states, the deeper ideology is hardly pertinent is it?

Does anybody learn history these days?

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Best answer: It was closed for the duration, the same as the ferry services.

Let's say the South had declared their independence and the North just let it slide. No civil war. I know it's impossible to know for sure, but how do you believe things would of gone from there?