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Do I take what these kids said seriously?

11 answers · Mental Health · 3 days ago
So recently I was at a kids birthday party, and I was surrounded by a few kids. I took my glasses off to itch my eye and the one girl goes "You look creepy without your glasses on" and the one kid goes "You look weird looking." He wouldn't stop staring at me.... I absolutely couldn't... show more

Is it ever okay to tell someone they are fat?

7 answers · Diet & Fitness · 3 days ago
Even if they begged me to tell them the truth, I would find it incredibly difficult, even though it may encourage them to exercise.

My brother penis is 7.5inches is that considered big?

30 answers · Men's Health · 2 days ago

Created to strike fear and hatred in to man kind in an evil attempt to steer one from the righteous paths of the lord. Possibly the German Shepherds dug their own way up to earth from the fieriest parts of the godforsaken land of hell.

What’s the best way to start the day?

32 answers · Diet & Fitness · 2 days ago
Best answer: breakfast

I am 21 and was diagnosed with camcer. I dont want to spend all of my time in a shitty hospital and a lot of times cancer comes back even with treatment so its stupid to waste a bunch of money on it.

What kind of doctor can install a vagina on a male?

17 answers · Women's Health · 13 hours ago

How long will it take to lose 40 pounds?

25 answers · Diet & Fitness · 2 days ago
in a healthy way

I’m 14 years old and was the happiest kid ever until I did something I wasn’t supposed to and had the worst panic attack of my life. It’s been 3 weeks I’m not the same again. I keep getting paranoid and think everyone around me is just a robot or not real and out to get me. I feel so different i was fine and just a... show more

Do old people masterbait?

17 answers · Men's Health · 18 hours ago

Why don’t girls shave their private parts?

21 answers · Women's Health · 1 day ago

Are you brainwashed to think the Clintons are innocent?

27 answers · Mental Health · 2 days ago
Best answer: LOL, libtards are the brainwashed losers

How can I get taller?

41 answers · Diet & Fitness · 3 days ago
I'm 16 and 5'3. My goal is to be about 6 feet tall. I'm female.

Best answer: Yes you certainly have the plague. The only cure is take a live frog cut it up into smaller digestible pieces and eat those pieces raw. But first take the eye of a newt and mix it with the chopped up frog then eat it all raw. Tastes delicious you will love it.

Do all humans have body odor?

11 answers · Other - Health · 2 days ago