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What is 2/3rds of 107?

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Anyone good at history? Slavery?

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Can someone give me 500 words on the importance of slavery and the Atlantic slave trade in American history??

What are nation states?

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are they nations or are they states

Can u solve this problem?

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In a class there are 8 students who play football and hockey ,7 who do not play football nor hockey and 19 who play football . How many students are in the class?

Best answer: You can group things as you have done if you want to. I went to London; NY and LA; and Sydney and Melbourne. If you are getting stuck the other way is to recast it but link it. I went to London; I then went to NY and LA; finally, I went to Sydney and Melbourne.

The question goes like this: "During the month of May, 40 percent of the babies born at St. Paul Hospital were boys. During that month, 90 were born at St. Paul. What percent of the babies born at St. Paul, during May were girls?" *Jeapordy theme song plays in the background*

Best answer: They weigh you, measure you, check your blood pressure, temperature, and pulse, take blood tests, and the doctor looks you over while asking about how you feel. It takes about half an hour to an hour after you've been called.

Is it safe to eat paper?

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Best answer: Yeah that is a very hot topic many Dems do not want to talk about...... I have done some research on it but cannot find any real hard evidence MLK was a Republican, lots of opinion. But I do know he was definitely not a democrat. MLK was mostly apolitical in public, but his niece is a Republican. MLK was not a... show more

What is your favourite sport?

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this is for a pie chart i need to create for my maths homework