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That seems to be the norm

It’s her birthday and I want to take her out of school for the day but i don’t know if they would let me sign her out. she goes to school in buffalo, NY. Are there different rules for different schools? I’m old enough to sign her out but my mother would flip if she found out she was taken out of school early.

Best answer: yes i do

I hate school so much!?

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I’m 16 and I just started my junior year 3 weeks ago. I’ve struggled with school for as long as I can remember. I got my transcripts today from my counselor and I haven’t had 1 A as a final grade in the 2 years I’ve been in high school. My transcripts are horrible! I have mostly all Ds and Cs in every class from... show more

Best answer: grade 1-5 elementary school grade 6-8 middle school 9-12 high school

My child has been given a letter from her school to inform her that she is going to receive a timetable that includes these extra lessons for support after school hours. My child does not need support as she is doing well in all of her classes and she revises like there is no tomorrow. These extra classes after... show more

the school with all my friends is 17 min. drive but a 2 hour walk and i’m so desperate to go there that i might walk . please help with suggestions for me to go to the school

Best answer: I would not be alarmed by this. If she were sleeping outside, or on the floor, or hadn't been fed I would be concerned.

If her son is in school, he’s obviously not hanging around the house doing nothing. Besides, sometimes having a job while in school is not a good idea, as it can be a burden on his grades.

Best answer: OK - so you are a little younger than the average graduate. Do you possibly have a question that you wish to post?

It's like an information black hole. You can't get anything out of them.

I have no friends, and I’m bullied everyday. Today everyone laughed at me for being late.

Best answer: You seem incapable of understanding that children are born throughout the year. So considering only the cutoff date used by the school, and putting all other factors aside there could still be very close to a year's difference between classmates.

Best answer: obviously there has been a misunderstanding and the communication unclear. Your husband may have expected more from the meeting or not understood beforehand what is was all about. Yes, it sounds like it was disrespectful and I can understand that you were hurt. These things happen in life. We live and we learn.... show more

Lost high school student?

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Best answer: you could try art or music education. as i'm sure you're aware, being a performer in either of those two fields are very challenging to make a good living in. not everyone always gets to do what they love for their job. but, they do have hobbies outside of work to keep them going. any one of those... show more

Why did someone say this to me?

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Best answer: teachers are mean to 1000s of students. you think the teacher wanted forgiveness? He doesnt give a damn. and do you think other students texted him about forgiving him?Grow up, youll meet lots of people who are mean to you when u have a job, nobody wants your forgiveness for being mean.