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Best answer: Know for SURE Holly didn't like me DRDEATH, Winter and the Princess are OK Same for DarumuJ and Melons The rest might not care ⓂⒾⓄ³

Is this classed as victim blaming?

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Best answer: Whoopi Goldberg did not specifically suggest Bella Thorne was to blame for this situation. However, it would seem Whoopi is simply reiterating that once anything it out there on worldwide web, it can never be removed. So think with caution before posting a comment or photograph. Fact is, there is no such... show more

Disadvantages of being famous?

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Best answer: Lack of privacy. High public expectations which you can never meet. Public shame and disappointment when you falter and/or age. You life is that of a bug under a microscope. To be successful, you have to seek publicity, but you have to constantly accept that fact that what you seeks comes at the price of your... show more

Best answer: No, I'm not interested in their personal lives.

I would say it's Margot Robbie

Who is this actress?

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Best answer: Anyone can die at any age. Nobody knows when they will die But it could be for many different reasons like from Cancer, some other illness,poor health, drugs, car accident, suicide etc in your 60's is usually when your body and health starts to get bad especially if you aren't in the best physical shape.

Best answer: Hard to say because it would end of being a staged or scripted fight , I also don't know who is the better fighter/boxer.

Was Micheal Jackson a pedophile?

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Was he really? I keep hearing that he was and he asked children for naked pictures. Is this true or are all of these hoaxes? I have been hearing these stories for a long time tell me what ones are true and what are not. Also if he really was a pedophile could you give me evidence from a credible source? Thanks.

Best answer: Quincy Combs ❤ P.Diddy's son