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Best answer: Batman & Robin (1997) - The Worst Costume and Worst Cast Members with three A-List Actors (e.g. Arnold, Clooney, and Thurman) including O'Donnell and Silverstone. Also the worst screenplay of this movie as well.

Favorite movie and why?

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What was / is the worst horror movie ever created, outright bad, rubbish, not worth watching.

Mine is When Harry Met Sally and The American President.

I never really paid much attention to Oscars before, but I was quite pleased that Gary Oldman won this year. I assumed he'd already won an Oscar and had loads of previous nominations, but when I saw he only had one previous nomination, I was intrigued as to who has won, and been nominated, for what. There are... show more

Best answer: Yeah, the part where the guy falls and hit the proper was hilarious

Do you watch Love on Netflix?

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Best answer: Gone With the Wind

Whats Ur favorite horror movys?

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Best answer: The rating guideline is not a law, just a guideline for parents, theaters have no obligation to enforce the rating and thus they let mostly everyone in.

Best answer: True Lies, Raising Arizona.

Best answer: E.T. or Wall-e

Diagnosed with Autism or Aspergers?

Best answer: Yes, Kevin Spacey played him in 2004 movie Beyond the Sea. Spacey is supposed to be a lifelong fan of his and even produced and directed the movie himself.