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What is your favorite '80s song?

29 answers · Rock and Pop · 5 hours ago

Who are your top ten favorite white female singers-artists?

8 answers · Rock and Pop · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Rosanne Cash Sandy Denny PJ Harvey Neko Case Feist Joni Mitchell Linda Ronstadt Laura Nyro Patti Smith Chrissie Hynde

Who is your fav artist(singer)?

10 answers · Singing · 1 day ago

How many drummers can a band have?

18 answers · Rock and Pop · 2 days ago

Best rock bands of the 60?

18 answers · Rock and Pop · 2 days ago

Aerosmith vs Nirvana?

12 answers · Rock and Pop · 1 day ago
Best answer: Aerosmith

Who was the first Rapper that you ever listened to?

10 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 14 hours ago

Why is Nicki Minaj sooooo jealous of Cardi b?

8 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 7 hours ago
Honestly I love them both but Nicki has been moving funny lately and showing how threatened she is by cardi b.

Is this a rumor about The Beatles?

9 answers · Rock and Pop · 1 day ago
Best answer: The Beatles were looking as if they were breaking up. (they did within about a year after the album was released.) McCartney and Lennon were very much at odds with each other, and sounded as if they were willing to kill each other, while Ringo and George were being treated as non-entities by the other two. Rumors... show more

Why do I hate rap and hip hop music?

13 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 4 days ago
Best answer: cuz its crap

Buying a guitar: Which colour is better, wine red or blue?

7 answers · Other - Music · 3 hours ago
Pictures included: Thank you for your help!

It is so boring

Who's more legendary Michael jackson or rapper lil wayne?

8 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 20 hours ago

Do you ever argue about real music with people?

11 answers · Other - Music · 3 days ago
I listen to jazz and classical but it amazes me how many people think pop and rap is real music

Who is the greatest male singer of all time?

9 answers · Singing · 2 days ago

Do you like country songs?

86 answers · Country · 1 week ago
Shania Twain, Allan Jackson, Taylor Swift (2006 - 2013)...

How could anyone not like Van Halen?

10 answers · Rock and Pop · 3 days ago
Sammy, Dave, or Gary?

Which decade of Hip Hop is your favroite?

7 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 2 days ago
1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s