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What are some good songs to listen to when you feel down?

14 answers · Rock and Pop · 1 day ago

What band is better? Kiss or Oasis?

13 answers · Yahoo Answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Kiss.

Nickelback or Foo Fighters?

10 answers · Rock and Pop · 1 day ago
Best answer: Both suck.

What do you fear the most this year?

19 answers · R&B & Soul · 2 days ago

Atheists: Is John Lennon's "Imagine" a good atheist song?

22 answers · Rock and Pop · 4 days ago
Best answer: It's a good song. That's it. All atheism says is that there is not enough evidence to believe in any gods. It is not an organized movement, there is no liturgy, doctrine, ceremony or anything else. John Lennon was an atheist but he doesn't speak for all of them. In fact, and this might surprise... show more

Why do some men have a preference for Asian women?

14 answers · R&B & Soul · 2 days ago

Why do people like The Beatles so much?

9 answers · Rock and Pop · 9 hours ago
Seriously they're a girly boy band comparable to the likes of One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer

What are your top 10 favorite hip-hop songs?

7 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 11 hours ago

I mean he's the most famous artist on the planet and i never hear anyone trying to cause any harm to him. Also he's shot multiple music videos and hung out with other rappers in the hood. Why can no on touch him?

Poll do you say sandwich or butty?

10 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 4 days ago
Best answer: I said booty

What musician or band could you listen to all day?

27 answers · Polls & Surveys · 5 days ago
For me, it's Metallica and Pantera

Do most famous bands get sick of touring while on tour?

17 answers · Rock and Pop · 3 days ago
Best answer: People tend to glamorise the rock star lifestyle, but the truth is that few musicians want to live it for years on end. Touring isn't just about having lots of wild sex, drinking and drugging and partying all the time. It also involves staying in hotel rooms night after night for weeks or months, travelling by... show more

What are some of the best albums from 1984?

8 answers · Rock and Pop · 14 hours ago

Why does beer taste so good?

26 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 5 days ago

Why does Beyonce lip synch live?

8 answers · Rock and Pop · 22 hours ago

I was called a racist for disliking a rapper?

8 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 8 hours ago
I told a couple kids in my school that I don't like a particular rapper's music. They immediately began calling me racist and assuming I only dislike the rapper because he's black. I explained that it has nothing to do with race and that I just didn't like the guy's music (or rap as a whole, for... show more