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Best answer: Only his morons believed him!

Can you setup direct deposit at the irs office?

9 answers · United States · 1 day ago
I already filed for my 2018 tax returns I have to go into the irs office in verify my identity since I’m a first time filer. And I currently don’t have a place for my return to be mailed to. Also when I filed online I already setup direct deposit.

My ex and I are currently in the middle of a divorce that started in September of '18. We have two children together and he was supposed to be paying child support since November when it was ordered. He's given me nothing for them to date. We both signed the custody agreement and we share joint legal and... show more

My Bank of America asking me to provide W9 form?

8 answers · United States · 1 day ago
I haven’t got taxID or SSN. The letter said backup withholding is in charge for my upcoming payments. This means they will put more tax on my checks?

I'm terrible with $$. Also - haven't filed my taxes the last 3 years. What kind of professional should I look for to help me.

Unsure of how many allowances to claim on W4 for 2019?

5 answers · United States · 4 hours ago
Married, both of us each have a full time job. We are expecting our first child in the next month and I’m unsure what I/we are suppose to claim. We file jointly.

Sales Tax?

5 answers · United States · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Maybe the could but they won t.

Is it true that I can write off any expenses that I use for my business? I recently got my real estate license and they told me not worry about fees and advertising because I can write all of it off at the end of the year and get all of it back in taxes. Is this true or are they lying to me? What if I join a club... show more

2018 tax returns help. First time filer?

4 answers · United States · 3 hours ago
I’m a first time filer, and I made a mistake and put a two different cities , so now I have to go the irs office and verify my identity witch isn’t a problem. I was just wondering after I do that will my money go to my bank account if I already setup direct deposit online when I originally filled online or do I... show more

When is a gift taxable to the receiver?

5 answers · United States · 2 days ago
On the Ellen Show some gifts are hundred thousands of dollars. These are usually given to people who have helped others and do not have much money for themselves. Are all the gifts taxable? I am not referring to game prizes which I know are taxable.

When are taxes due this year?

17 answers · United States · 1 week ago
Best answer: The due date for taxes has been the same for my entire life, and I am probably at least twice your age. The IRS has NEVER sent notices about when they are due.

How many allowances should I claim on my W4 form?

4 answers · United States · 2 days ago
I am filling out my W4 for my first job. I thought it was 2 allowances because: 1. "Enter 1 for yourself" and 2. "You're single and only have one job". I am confused because someone told me I should put 0 because my parents still claim me as dependent on their taxes. Please help!

Should I pay for the whole holiday if I cancel?

9 answers · United Kingdom · 6 days ago
My friend and I booked a holiday last year, all paid for separately and non refundable. A month after we booked, I received a once in a lifetime offer (huge investment pitch for my business) which I couldn’t refuse.. which was happening on a day in the middle of when we were supposed to go away. I was really... show more

What time of day will my tax refund go to my bank?

4 answers · United States · 2 days ago
Best answer: Your bank may hold it for a day or so. Mine always hits my account at midnight on the day they say I'm getting it.. (which would be last night at midnight) but if your account is new, or you've had problems (bad checks) etc some banks wait for the check to clear before making it available to you.

My business has since closed. Can or is there a way to request that refund now?

How does owning own business at tax time work?

7 answers · Canada · 5 days ago
So my dad sat down with me and said I should look at starting my own business (sole proprietorship). I've been a carpenter for a guy for 2 days a week and then I do cash side jobs like home repairs, siding, decks, fencing etc, foundations. He goes on and on about how I can write off fuel, meals, housing,... show more