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Question about credit and loans?

6 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Your sister is right to a limited extent. Other factors come into play. Your income is one. If you don't have the income to pay the loan, then your score and credit history is meaningless. Do you have any money in a savings account? You might be able to get a secured credit card (you deposit $300-$500 with... show more

Best answer: Debts are settled all the time for less than is owed. If you have a written agreement with the collection agency that they will accept $300 as payment in full for the $2000 debt, that will be legally binding on them. If you mean something written on the check, different states have interpreted it... show more

Ok this may sound like i'm trolling but i am not, i am serious. So I want to order a life size sex doll (5ft 2) and i can purchase it but one problem is where can i get it delivered? i don't want it here at my house because i work a full time job and hardly home and im afraid parents or brothers might... show more

Best answer: There is only one reason for a return address: to give the USPS someplace to return the mail if it's not deliverable to the send address. If you don't care if what you send gets returned to you if it can't be delivered, just leave the return address off. It will still be delivered.

Best answer: Keep working until you can take the test again to become a journeyman. Why should they raise your wages when you failed? That's illogical. If they have not fired you, you keep working. Or resign.

There is this girl on Tumblr who was selling her collection of action figures, toys, and collectibles to her followers to make some money to move out. I bought something from her using PayPal. We discussed shipping and addresses through private message. She told me that all packages were going to be shipped ASAP... show more

Best answer: Keep that bitcoin as a history lesson

So I'm an individual not a business. I've been doing scrap metal for years but I've never sold motherboards. I want to but what condition do they buy them in? I ask because mine I keep in a big container outside and they get rained on and stuff so would they still buy them a little deteriated or do... show more

Should I Quit My Job?

4 answers · 1 week ago
I studied fashion marketing in college. Classes were really easy and I had a lot of fun. Now I have a full time job making 50,000 a year (in Boston). Only about 40,000 after taxes:( I work as a store manager for a department store. It's horrible. I started 3 months ago. There's what feels like millions... show more

Someone on offerup wants to buy my laptop from me through paypal. They are saying that they will pay me and that paypal will release my funds as soon as i send the tracking number and the shipment receipt. Is this payment method trustworthy. I am just worried that as soon as i ship the item the funds wont be available.

I sold some items through eBay as collection only, PayPal being the payment method as I believed it to be the safest. PayPal have restricted my personal account and are requesting photo ID (which I have now provided), business information (which I do not have as I was selling to have money for uni), shipping... show more

Best answer: Maybe once or twice a year. It is a great convenience if you cannot physically get to the store yourself, but it is also a very bad, and easy habit to fall into. I prefer to keep a few frozen meals like lasagne, pies / sausage rolls in the freezer instead. It's easy to prepare, takes about the same amount of... show more