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So I am currently a student and I've been looking up accounting jobs and a lot of those jobs are looking for people with all kinds of experience but I am just a student. How can I get working experience if I am new to accounting. I've only completed 1 semester of accounting. I was looking at it in a... show more

I ordered something online and it was sent to her address, she s from a different country than I am, and I was going to fly over and visit her in February, so I sent the package to her with her permission ofc.. but I ended up getting sick and wasnt allowed to go visit her. We broke up in February and she still has... show more

Best answer: I would think if it was something to be scanned, it would be deactivated when you quit. Walmart employees can buy sams memberships out of their paychecks. On a per payday basis, not all at once. So I would not expect their sams membership to work months later.

Best answer: If there is no postage on it, it will be returned if there is a return address. No return address, USPS will collect the 11 cents shortage from the addressee. If the addressee refuses and there is no return address, the letter goes to a Mail Recovery Center, where it will be opened to see if there is a return... show more

I know there is no collection on Sunday and it will be collected on Monday, but does the blue box always have the plastic inside that mailman collects? Thanks.

How to handle NDA issue?

4 answers · 2 days ago
Potential investor wants me to provide sample reference patents to similar items before signing NDA. I'm afraid even reference patents may give them the idea of how a technique may be applicable to them. I do have a provisional. What's the best strategy here?

What is the best bank?

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my boyfriend is 16 so he can book the hotel but would i actually be able to stay in the hotel with him or do i need a guardian? is there any way around this?

I sent an envelope with photo cards from ohio to washington and it cost a couple cents for shipping... how much would the same thing be from ohio to somewhere in europe?? I can’t figure it out :(

Best answer: The numbers: The U.S. created just 75,000 new jobs in May and employment gains earlier in the spring were scaled back, a worrisome turn that points to a slowing economy and is likely to put more pressure on the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates.

What does commercial terms mean?

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Best answer: What and how you offer your service. Examples might be: Delivery method; Contracted Price; Payment Terms. This may give you a better idea: http://www.iberglobal.com/files/2016-2/commercial-contract-terms.pdf Note that stating Commercial Terms is extremely generic. It should be followed up by asking what... show more

Best answer: Surely you mean "retail", not "wholesale".

Best answer: Without seeing the belt, who knows. What you cannot sell would be a belt that says Gucci on it, has the Gucci trademark, or any other marking Gucci uses, regardless of whether you call it a replica or not. You also can't sell something that may confuse people - such as selling a belt that is marked Cucci... show more

Can you ship mail FROM a PO Box?

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Best answer: Sort of You don't actually put outgoing mail in your PO box like you do with a regular mailbox at your house. You'd drop the outgoing mail in the outgoing mail box at the post office but you can use the PO box as the return address so that if there's any problem with delivery the post office will... show more

I ordered a sex toy from adamandeve, and it had a "delivery exception" and is stuck at the post office. How could I get it when I'm only 14?