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Arrogant is the wrong word, theyre not full of themselves but they have their own way of thinking. You can try to convince them of something and they can genuinly try to understand you but they just dont. They just dont get it. Their mind just cant grasp it because they were not raised like you.

Is this sentence correct?

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Best answer: There are several grammatical problems Ways that you can write it correctly: - J. K. Rowling’s "Harry Potter" brand has made her a billionaire. - J. K. Rowling’s "Harry Potter" series has made her a billionaire.

Best answer: I would guess masturbating somebody else or giving them head, since the motion done with your hand during these acts resembles knocking.

Do you fish carps in a pond?

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Is this English sentence grammatically correct? If so, is it natural?

The class ends at fifteen to ten.

Best answer: this is an idea of effort over time. a certain amount of time is necessary (yes, needed, but more in the sense of required) in order to complete the task. It takes time. The time it took is how long the effort was performed from start to finish. If I rewrote the sentence, I would use required or possibly... show more

What is wrong with this sentence?

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The meeting ends later five-thirty.

Walking one day in a suburb, Bellard, Wearing clothes in the extream of the fashion, was torn by the look of [ a house on whose mean little porch near the streat sat a shabby man of sixty], without a coat, and reading a newspaper. Dose it mean: the house was near the street and was own by a shabby man who was... show more

Best answer: They are both correct, depending on whether you're speaking of one banana or more than one banana.

Is this sentence correct?

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Let him stay. He is very entertaining.

Best answer: She means it sounds like a spoiled white college fratboy name.. like Brock Turner.