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Best answer: All of A sudden. Idioms tend to have the privilege of not having to follow the rules of grammar, and both A and THE have been used widely in the history of its use. I think both are fine.

My daughter is a photographer?

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Is this English sentence incorrect?

Best answer: It was a phrase coined by James Carville, Bill Clinton's campaign manager in 1992.... as others have said, it was a reminder that a growing number of middle-class Boomer voters couldn't care less about winning the Cold War or Gulf War and cared more about their own wallets... strange to think that... show more

Best answer: It simply means everything is not as "simple" as it appears to be

Best answer: The middle one is correct .. ''I expect you to criticize me'' but could also say .. ''I expected you to criticize me' or ''I am expecting you to criticize me''.

Best answer: The proper form is "I couldn't care less." It means I have zero interest in that "thing" whatever that thing is. If you said "I could care less" you are saying that care some.

If I pointed to 2 children and then point to 2 parents, could I properly say, “They’re theirs.”?

Exact meaning?

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If someone says they’ll do something one day that means that they may not be able to do it now but they think they will in the future, right.

Best answer: Someone is trying to go into the past in order to refreshing the good and bad things of someone which can create fatal repercussions.Doing so ought to be avoided so that peace and tranquility can continue naturally.

Best answer: I have been so much bad since my childhood. Here present perfect continuous tense is to be used in place of simple present tense since the action has been going on.

Context: I have based my talk today on giving a presentation of the work of the PSTA, but also thought it essential to delve in the world of principles and philosophy that we adhere to. I can only conclude by reaffirming the ethos of our understanding of education which brings forth these principles into action.

Exact meaning?

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What does it mean when someone says you talk blunt?

If not, how is not a euphemism?

Don't mind and never mind?

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Best answer: I've never seen or used 'Don't mind' in the same sense as 'Never mind', but I have seen 'Don't mind [something]' only in American novels of the late 19th century, eg 'Oh, don't mind him, he's only trying to annoy you'. Clearly in this context it means... show more