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Best answer: Jack Bauer is president now

On the "The Conners" ABC murdered the character of Roseanne with opioids! ABC made Roseanne into an overdosing junkie!

Best answer: Most of the time Rachel was, although throughout the run of the show both Monica and Phoebe sometimes looked better. They all changed somewhat over the years of the show (maturing in appearance) and their hairstyles, clothing styles, etc changed. No idea who 'Charlie' is as there was no regular cast member... show more

all these lousy TV shows from the past??? Does anybody actually watch this garbage? There are thousands of other things on TV and online that are so much better that this recycled junk! And they wonder why nobody watches network TV anymore!

Why are US TV adverts so funny?

5 answers · Comedy · 2 days ago
Best answer: Foreign advertisement is usually funny and weird to people who are not used to them

Best answer: Matter of opinion, of course, Shannon, but I think when Bob Barker was host, The Price is Right was best. Currently, I think Jeopardy, for me, is the best of the three. Wheel of Fortune is consistent, and has updated with the times, but Jeopardy is more mentally challenging.

Would you want to see bigger breasts on tv?

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How would you feel watching a tv show where a woman gets naked and her breasts aren t a size B/C, and are more saggy? Would that help other women feel confident?

What should i watch on netflix?

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i finished riverdale season 1 and have no interest in watching the other seasons, 13rw i finished, the originals and the 100 just kept dragging onnnn so i stopped watching, ive watched the returned, the mist, the vampire diaries i stopped watching, limitless i stopped watching before the last episode i should... show more

I mean think of it. She puts out a racist tweet which gets her show cancelled, blames it on taking Ambien, ABC brings back the rest of the cast in a new “spinoff” called the Conners, which begins after Roseanne dies of an opioid overdose, and now ABC regrets firing her and think the new series is going to fail.... show more

It's just people laughing their heads off at people having a general conversation.

Best answer: The Simpson's. I've watched all three, but still go back to this show and laugh my butt off. Family guy is funny, don't get me wrong, but if we are comparing, then I choose the Simpsons.

Any "old school" TV series out there?

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Any "old school" TV series out there where plot is solved at the end of every episode ? All TV series (Westworld, Thrones etc) are now soaps.

I always found her so annoying, especially that laugh! It's like she tries to be cool/funny but always instead looks lame and a try-hard. Sometimes it's like she's on drugs or something.

Best answer: Mondays..... The Good Doctor. That is it. I watch NETFLIX mostly.

Is Beavis and Butthead coming back?

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Best answer: Probably not as a show but there's still a chance some kinda movie might be made.