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Please suggest me some tv series for binge watching.?

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Why does Saturday night TV suck nowadays?

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Best answer: I agree with you and even on Sunday nights nothing is on. this past season, most of the shows are reruns because of football, basketball, and now baseball and now that summer is here, more reruns

or at least top 3 to 5 television fathers you like

Is the jerry springer show still on?

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Will The Voice accept my paper temporary ID?

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Hi, my name is Donavon. I will be auditioning for The Voice on the 22nd at 2pm in Chicago, Illinois. My wallet was stolen a week ago so I had to go to the DMV to get a replacement ID card. They gave me a paper temporary ID to use until they can mail me my new ID card. Unfortunately The ID won't be shipped until... show more

Best answer: Daytime TV shows, cookery ones or otherwise, pander to the budgetary constraints laid down by the TV bosses. Cookery shows are cheap TV.

Best answer: Oh, my. There are so many bad ones. The Carbonara Effect is probably the worst.

Best answer: No, but it definitely should be remade. What a massacre of logic and character consistency it was. Oooh, let's incinerate and butcher an entire city filled with thousands of civilians, for no reason! This meme made me laugh.

Is Ellen good to watch?

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Best answer: I would feel surprised.

idk if im the first user on here to notice the obvious. but the last fvckin question posted on this section was 15 hrs. wtf goin on

Did ziva from ncis really come back?

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i mean i havent seen it yet but i am curious did she really come back

On TV show Cheers. Were they drinking real beer?

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Best answer: No in acting they aren't allowed alcohol on camera. It would probably be a liability(especially if there are underage actors) and they probably don't want to have actors drunk on set and not concentrating on their lines/scenes.It's just some substitute colored non alcoholic drink to make it look like it... show more