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How do you know when your guns need to be cleaned?

17 answers · Hunting · 1 day ago

Do you consider Liverpool title contenders?

32 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 3 days ago
I just want to clarify, I'm not trolling, but nearly every game Liverpool look absolutely atrocious and barely scrape by. This is not sustainable, it will catch up with them and they'll start dropping points, I think City will leave them behind and win the league easily again I'm afraid.

I want to join the French foreign legion?

10 answers · Volleyball · 1 day ago
Best answer: Go ahead and join then, it should be a hoot.

I think its a work, nothing is ever true when wrestlers spout off stories on tv

Best answer: YES and NO It really depends... Please allow me to explain, I don't compete anymore, but I was an undefeated amateur boxer, I won the Florida state games and regionals multiple times, I fought on the Marine Corps boxing team, with tons of bouts, and about twice as many streetfights. And, I was almost always... show more

Why has the NFL been losing money since Trump?

15 answers · Football (American) · 17 hours ago
Best answer: More to do, concussion controversy, rapes, domestic assaults, boring games, too many games, younger generation not as interested, parents keeping kids from playing. That about covers it.

Before you start rhyming off players claiming them to be World Class please bear in mind the performance of the English National side over the years. Also try to put club allegiances aside. I realise playing for the England and playing for a club are two different things Im just asking for a bit of objectivity. The... show more

Neymar Mbappe Di Maria Dani Alves What have they ever done in Europe? LMAO.

Patriots or Redskins- which is better?

13 answers · Football (American) · 12 hours ago

Can anyone suggest any black ex-players who they feel would make good managers?

13 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 14 hours ago
It is a little strange how there are so many black players in the English game but such little black managers.

it doesn't bother me some don't have cheerleaders, but it does bother me some think its sexist

Prem fans: Who do you think will be relegated from the Premier League this season?

13 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 18 hours ago

Would PSG finish the top 4 in the PL?

16 answers · English Football (Soccer) · 2 days ago
Keep in mind they couldn't beat Arsenal twice and Liverpool in their last meetings.

Could he be the Black Alex Ferguson?

Who will win the World Series? Red Sox or Dodgers?

16 answers · Baseball · 2 days ago

Haha at those who said he wouldn't fix the problem

Best answer: Yes and for two reasons. First, you have to play an entire season and post season to get to the Super Bowl. Getting a team to that point is no easy feat in itself. You could easily argue that Tom Brady s influence (even if he wasn t on the field) could be enough to propel the team to the championship whether he was... show more

Why is there NFL games in London?

14 answers · Football (American) · 2 days ago
I don't think people in United Kingdom care about American Football