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Best answer: "Why do Liberal men tend to look thin and fragile and effeminate and Conservative men look more muscular and masculine.?" Too much greenie soy crap in the diet plus a beta male mentality and demeanor.

I was pregnant by my boyfriend, and was probably 8 months, somehow where ever I was changed to me being in a 1-story building or a boat type of thing and I was under water, there was snakes everywhere, and what felt like I was under water for 5 minutes turned out to be a month, I came back and found my mom, and my... show more

What is the Luger?

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Best answer: A german gun.

Best answer: The army if a part of the military.

Best answer: When I point out other people's grammar mistakes, naturally I take enormous care not to make any mistakes myself.

Have you seen Mojo on here lately?

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Best answer: NOT since we moved and dispersed from Ullet Grange some years back some are in a commune house on Parkfield Road many others still around that was some fantastic house and it has 30 bedrooms in it so absolutely massive with parties reported as better than Woodstock LOL !

Best answer: It can change daily between Bill Gates, Jeff Benzos, and Amancio Ortega depending on the stock market and the value of their assets. They trade the top spot often.

Best answer: Sultan Kösen (born 10 December 1982) is a Turkish-Kurdish farmer who holds the Guinness World Record for tallest living male at 8 ft 2.82 inches.

Best answer: The KAR98 and the Japananese Arisoka were both basically rifles designed for large scale manufacturing and from WWI or earlier. They were comparable to the British 303 and the US A3-03. The Japanese were working on a Type 4/5 which was based on the M1. It was too late in the war to be considered a weapon the troops... show more