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Best answer: Absolutely not. We need real men in the army, not people who may form emotional attachments which could endanger the squadron because their attention is diverted by relationships.

where do they get off ? It's completely backwards thinking. white men Asian men black men all want white women. go it? now stay the hell away from my man.

What is “trump”?

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Best answer: I’d think wow.. I’m surprised they stayed that long. Considering Hillary is a ******* loser just like all the rest of her supporters! LOSERS

Best answer: Multiculturalism is a social experiment used by globalists to eliminate Europeans from every country. This has been going ever since Hart-Cellar Act was implemented by Jews in America in 1965. This is cold calculated treason.

Best answer: Good. F'uck them. You don't need them in your life. You will find the nice ones.

Best answer: Anne Frank's drum kit. No contest.

Who hurt more innocent people?

Best answer: Because before New York even existed, the name The Far East was already being used and it didn't describe Europe.

Best answer: No, but related to Collusion with the Russians regarding the 2016 election interference by the Russians, he has not been implicated, Yet. In case you missed or did not understand that statement, we will hear that repeated 200 times on Hannity.

Why don't more people like me?

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Best answer: They don’t know you? Who knows.

Best answer: If it is you or Trump, you have my vote.