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Best answer: Because it's a reminder of how fleeting all our endeavours are.

Best answer: Apparently you're unaware of the fact that squirrels will eat anything that can't run fast enough to get away from them. That includes small birds and small mammals and no doubt wounded animals. I personally don't find squirrels either cute or harmless; they're ruthless opportunists as are all wild... show more

Best answer: Yeah, I think so.

Best answer: WE make our chances with our choices.

Best answer: Life is a puzzle. And each one of us is the final piece in that puzzle. Just as the puzzle is completed by our incorporation into its structure, are we completed by the puzzle. Both the puzzle and the final piece work together as a single entity. We exist inside our own model of the universe being it’s final piece... show more

Best answer: It is scary to consider those things. And we don't have the answers. A lot of people find comfort in religion. But whether it's god's plan or the plan of some other designer, it does appear to be the plan that things are as they are and that we come then we go. Nothing for it, so might as well just... show more

Best answer: She likes to breathe so I go commando most of the time, when feasible. That way I can take more gambling money, pamphlets on why we're under reptilian rule and my sparkly collection of pet rocks. Yay!

Best answer: If you live with them, move out. Visit as often as comfortable and concentrate on discussing other topics.

Best answer: Objective morality does not exist. Morality is a fluid social construct, and it evolves as the common views of the society evolve. 150 years ago, it was moral to own slaves. 75 years ago, it was moral to beat your wife. 50 years ago, it was moral to drink and drive.

Best answer: NO, it was the best thing that could have happened

Is it bad that I like Science?

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Best answer: why would you ask if that was bad...does your family and friends not like you doing it beacause you spend too much time indoors...i could see that happeneing.

Best answer: Because you are taught subjectivism rather than objectivism. Objectivity is the original state of your mind when you were born. The newborn infant that was born with a subjective mind would probably die right away.

Best answer: That is called 'confirmation bias'. That is when a subjective view is taken to be the "objective grounds" by which an opposing view must accept and prove it's case. In the "can't prove a negative" argument, one just takes a contrarian view of another's claim, labeling their... show more

Best answer: There is no free will. We are not free to do as we please. all our actions have consequences. But yes, I would do the same thing over and over, not because I want to or because those are the best but because I did the best I could in each situation given the knowledge and feeling I had at that time. This is why... show more

Best answer: Their most common one is " There's no evidence for God " Which is not a syllogistic argument,but an assertion. It's also, 1. irrational, because you'd literally have to hold all data in the universe to make this claim ( They don't ) And 2. It assumes a naturalistic epistemology as the... show more

Best answer: You could say pleasure and pain are the only base emotions. Apathy would be an absence of pleasure or pain, and not an emotion itself. Then all other emotions are variations or mixtures of the two base emotions. Tranquility could be a little pleasure and an absence of pain. Love is a bit fear of being... show more

Best answer: Stopping your thoughts. Time is thought. And time is essentially the past, and it's being carried over through the present to the future. Since you are your thoughts, you can't actually stop them, because that would involve another thought and the past. But it's seeing this entire problem and... show more

Best answer: It is the responsibility of each person to give their life purpose.

Best answer: I thought life ended when the heart stopped. So it makes sense to me that life starts when the heart starts beating. A heart beat is detectable at 6 weeks.