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Best answer: Owning a gun is not evil, using it for evil purposes is what's evil.

Why are we alive?

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Best answer: It is weird because certain people swear that Americans are one race. And they can treat certain people as unAmerican based on the color of their skin.

Best answer: Go kick a cop. ~

Best answer: Subjective evaluation: a person who attempts to get noticed could intend to distract to harmful effect. A person could intend to attract to help.

Do you believe in Determinism?

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I do not believe in free will. Schopenhauer's words: 'Man can do what he wants, but he cannot will what he wills,' accompany me in all situations throughout my life and reconcile me with the actions of others, even if they are rather painful to me. This awareness of the lack of free will keeps me from... show more

How to be independent?

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Best answer: There isn't a lot you can do really except make sure you never gloat or think you are above anyone else and so in a humble way always be pleasant, kind, generous and not permit your relationship to turn sour for any reason.

How do you know what you are good at?

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Best answer: When somebody encourages us to do the same thing again and again, we must know that we are good at that subject.

Could there be super intelligent criminals

Best answer: Yes. Rational thought requires a medium of transmission as higher order concepts emerge from simple concepts, and simple concepts emerge from symbolic representations within consciousness. Symbolic representations are structured by reason, which includes the inherent faculties of the mind that organize sense data... show more

Who determines what is "just"?

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