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i hate it so much that i cant see myself living til an old age.or else i'd go crazy. because of life, i have a very short temper, anger, life long social anxiety and severe depression. i dont know, but to me existing on this planet is a piece of shiit. i have to deal with encountering rude people even when i... show more

Personally I feel females are better at everything, I think they are are more prone to rationality and clear thought, and in all likelihood this world be be a far better place if it was female dominated.

To be honest, I don't understand how rape is possible?

19 answers · Psychology · 11 hours ago
Now listen, force and energy is needed to subdue the woman and keep her that way. But wait, when you begin to have sex or even start getting aroused, you sort of become weak. How is it possible to be struggling with a girl, fighting her off and having sex at the exact same time?????? I don't know if you all are... show more

What is the opposite of feminism?

7 answers · Gender Studies · 4 hours ago

My life is so boring, what do i do?

9 answers · Psychology · 10 hours ago
Okay so im 15 and a couple days ago I went over to my sister and my brother in law's house for a weekend. I had lots of fun there and I came back and I started feeling really sad. I was missing them. Fast forward to today I still miss them a lot but also I just suddenly realized how plain amd dull my life is... show more

Then we can keep passing rule down through his family so that the Trumps will always be in charge.

Men would you date a woman hoo had sex before?

36 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago
Best answer: Good idea. It’s disgusting, these non-virgins thinking they are entitled to expect a good husband.

I don’t really like who i am... i like myself but i don’t like how i feel... i feel like i never can feel the way i want to. I always feel ways that i don’t want to feel. And i also have some hate going on in my life and there is no way to solve it with someone. The only person that can solve hatefulness is me. And... show more

Why are women so self rightous?

5 answers · Gender Studies · 5 hours ago

Why do feminists hate men?

64 answers · Gender Studies · 4 days ago

Sounds sexist to me.

Do you ever talk to yourself?

114 answers · Other - Social Science · 5 days ago

I think so, less crimes will happen if men didn't exist.

Are you a feminist?

35 answers · Gender Studies · 5 days ago
Why/why not?