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Have you ever been sorry?

29 answers · Psychology · 1 day ago

Poll: shower in the morning or in the evening?

44 answers · Sociology · 1 day ago

What's something small that makes your life pleasurable?

69 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago

Best answer: The reason why the British are hated is because throughout the years, they have invaded and once there, they treat the local citizens like shît. Ireland was treated AWFUL by the British. The British once had concentration camps in Africa (I think it was) during WWII. Other than that, countries just don't like... show more

Why don't people feel any sympathy for incels?

21 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago
People have no idea how brutal is to be involuntarily celibate. I have been there myself. I was so shy and and timid to approach girls. Finally I decided to take on steroids to fix my problem. I still don't know whether it was the right choice or not but I got laid anyway. I had no choice as I was lacking... show more

Best answer: There is no such thing as toxic masculinity. This term is made up by resentful misandrists calling themselves feminists. According to the misandrist, toxic masculinity is traits like being violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, and so forth. The term toxic masculinity is made up. This is all about controlling... show more

Best answer: So am i ...i used to think i am the reincarnation of kamasutra as the almighty penis ...but marry a woman and you will know how wrong the saying is.....warm the oven before you put the bun in it ....sigh !!! These women are maniacs ...i can't even say what i used to say ages ago stay away from them anymore... show more

Best answer: Today they are poisoned by pop culture and trends .......... That's why many dress like whores.. -

Why are young people of this generation not having sex?

15 answers · Economics · 16 hours ago

Why are some people so obsessed with guns?

82 answers · Sociology · 5 days ago
Best answer: Have you ever shot a gun? They're freakin awesome... Number 1, they're fun to shoot. Number 2, different guns are better for different things and learning about them is fun. Number 3, they're a very useful tool in many regards. Recreation, protection, hunting, professional sport, giving nations an... show more

True or False: women need men as much as fish need bicycles?

25 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

Best answer: women are always up to something and often dishonest

Best answer: Men are more likely to die younger from heart attacks, cancer and many types of diseases, its medically proven and also men are more likely to commit suicide which means they are mentally weaker so no men arent superior at all. By the way there are sports that women can do better than men like dancing, ballet,... show more

OK, so I've been with my boyfriend for almost 9 years now. So practically all of my early 20's. (I'm not 30 yet) Anyway, he is a great guy, considerate and I do love him dearly. However, I feel like I am not doing much these days. Like he just got his feet together and is working 2 jobs like he wanted... show more

Feeling hopeless at 30?

10 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago
Best answer: Nothing is wrong with keeping on trying. Everything that happens to you, happens for a reason. Just because you're experiencing a setback doesn't mean you're failing at life. You're still in your early 30s. You still got more opportunity in life. Just keep pushing forward and look at things in a... show more

Why does everyone hate on feminism?

13 answers · Gender Studies · 1 day ago
When it's literally just believing in equality between genders? I've never met anybody who has said they don't believe in equality, but plenty of people don't want to say they're feminists.