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Schools were encouraged to start favoring girls under the Women's Educational Act, beginning in 1974. Today we see many schools offering "no boys allowed" college prep experiences for girls only. Are these and other ways girls receive special treatment still necessary? Were they ever necessary?

Why are men so quick to label women golddiggers?

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Best answer: There are going to be different reasons. Men who’ve managed to only date women with nothing in the way of a career or other plans for the future. And then they believe those women are the norm. These men are probably the men who have a bit of a disliking for career women because supporting a woman is what gives... show more

Why do people think alpha males are better than beta males?

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Is there a more sexist concept than "toxic masculinity". .?

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The whole concept wreaks of demonizing men for being themselves.

Best answer: Boys and girls are CAPABLE of getting equal grades, but boys in general don’t focus as well

Why is caring about men issues seen as an attack on women.?

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I don't understand. Caring about men issues doesn't mean I ignore or don't care about womens issues. Yet I'm told it's misgoyny.

Instead they take useless pseudosciences like gender studies, women's studies, and political "science"

Best answer: Oh, there are things WRONG with me. But misogyny or sexism is not among those things. So, no. I don't think there is something wrong with me because of anyone calling me THAT. In fact, it makes me feel a little angry because I realize that anyone saying that to me probably thinks ALL men are sexist and... show more

Why do some rich and beautiful people commit suicide?

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Like most alpha males must have pretty sad, insecure, lonely lives with tight restrictions and regulations on what they can and cannot do. Like deep down gotta be as they are banned from talking about their feelings or crying or doing anything remotely feminine. Like really demanding expectations that can lead... show more

Best answer: Yes. History classes focus on whoever was influential in that period of history. Women’s studies in contrast focuses only women’s roles and pushes women’s agenda. I recently read some very old texts about the history of Queen Mary of Scots. Writing and teaching about women in history is nothing new.

Why are men so hurt by concepts like "toxic masculinity"?

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It's almost like they can't take criticism like they can dish out straight up bigotry and violence. Interesting

Best answer: "Is there a FALSE ACCUSATION which myths that say false accusations are 'rare' are normalized...??????" Hmmm. I do concur that in almost every discussion about rape, whenever false rape allegations come up, someone in the crowd always rushes in with the unprovable / unknown... show more

What would the role of men be in a feminist society?

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Would they be delegated to do blue collar and military work? What would they do?

Why is pedophilia so common among gay men?

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Here are statistics from the department of justice. 96 percent of child molesters are male. 37 percent of victims were boys. Between 1-3 percent of the population is gay. Out of the 5,800,000 total victims (about 1/20 male children will go through sexual abuse as a kid) 96 percent were male on male. That's... show more