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Best answer: Yes. However, you would need to cover up the holes where the wings were before you went into space; otherwise all the air would fall out.

What is the name of the gas used to fill in vehicle tyre tubes?

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Best answer: If your mom depends on her car to get to work and do important errands, she can't afford to lose it if you get into an accident. You are a new inexperienced driver, regardless of how good you think you are. You can't pay your own insurance or even pay for fuel since you don't have a job. Your best bet... show more

What can cause the power steering fluid to become low?

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Best answer: Leaks can be the cause. It doesn't burn or evaporate.

There is no real reason to change the car oil is there?

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Do rich people ever take public transportation?

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Best answer: In cities, many do. It's the most practical and often fastest way to travel in a crowded area.

Best answer: Keep the cellophane on or go for red cellophane instead, if you desire a darker lighting.

How much can I get off of a car?

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There is a car listed at $10,900 at a car dealership and the price has never changed and it’s been on the lot for 40 days so I was wondering what a fair offer would be for it

Sons ex girlfriend has left her car in my driveway for over a year.?

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My son bought a really big van with his girlfriend at the time, he paid for it and for some reason put the title in her name.. They broke up and the vans been broken down in my driveway for almost 2 years now, she contacted me a month ago asking if she could tow it and take it told her to please do, she just came... show more

Should I have my radiator flushed and filled ?

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I purchased my 2011 Nissan Juke in November of 2010. While I have had it almost 9 years, it only has a little over 29,000 miles on it. I have all the oil changes and other maintenance done at the dealership, and their inspections have never shown a problem, but I am still a little worried about how long the same... show more

Best answer: I bought a car away from a guy who did not have me come to his house when I was young. He said it was easier to meet at such & such than give me directions. I did not give it a 2nd thought. But, that was 30 years ago. Times are more dangerous now and they don't know you from Adam. Nothing wrong with... show more

Is cruise control safe?

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stupid question but im a new driver who just started driving on the highway, i just wanna start using cruise control

I had an overheating issue with my car. No external leaks but it was apparent that some combustion gases would get into the cooling system and overheat after a 30 min drive. Took it to the shop and the mechanic says that the head gasket has blown, motors are bad and that it isn’t fixable. I already spent a good... show more

Why can't I drive across the ocean?

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I have a 2016 nissan altima with 76000 miles.?

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I was told recently that I should be using synthetic oil. Can I safely switch from conventional to synthetic oil? I have had no issues with my car.

Does 6 cylinder has more torque than 4 cylinder cars?

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