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How much can I get off of a car?

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There is a car listed at $10,900 at a car dealership and the price has never changed and it’s been on the lot for 40 days so I was wondering what a fair offer would be for it

Best answer: I bought a car away from a guy who did not have me come to his house when I was young. He said it was easier to meet at such & such than give me directions. I did not give it a 2nd thought. But, that was 30 years ago. Times are more dangerous now and they don't know you from Adam. Nothing wrong with... show more

I bought a car for like $1100 but I haven’t got it registered because it didn’t pass the smog due to the check engine light but it still runs fine. I don’t know how much it will cost to repair so I rather sell it but I have the bill of sale and pink slip, could I still sell it?

Can anyone help?

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Can I get a bad credit car loan after I voluntarily surrendered my vehicle?

Best answer: Look - the guy hasn't sent you a check to pay for the car, and he keeps offering you excuses WHY he hasn't sent a check. He either no longer wants the car, or he doesn't have the money to pay for it, or he wants you to release the title to him before his check clears your bank. Either way -- as far as... show more

I will be in the market soon for a newer car and wanted any suggestions or opinions on what to get. It has to have 4 doors, sedan or suv. Where I live it does snow in the winter. Has to be under 15k

As above, I have yet to receive any information for my financing for the vehicle I bought. I did see that my trade-in loan was paid off on June 6, but yeah I still haven't gotten anything in the mail. I am getting a bit anxious because it's been almost three weeks and it seems like it's taking a while.... show more

Best answer: Depends on the model year but you usually can't go wrong with either a Corolla or Civic. The Kia is decent but I wouldn't put it quite on par with either the Honda or Toyota.

I really wanted this car ever since i saw it at the auto show. I really love small sporty cars. However, I only work minimum wage and make less then $20k a year. But i do live with my parents so i have no expenses. I also have about $10k for a downpayment. Do you think it would be a bad idea financially to buy... show more

car got totaled got paid out for it but it was a hand me down car from my parents that i helped pay for under the table since i drove it the most. i got NO credit, minimum waged job/low paying job so income is low in general. the car i want is about $40k msrp ( dream car ) but i know that is unrealistic in my... show more

Roughly a week ago, I brought Hyundai Genesis 2016 with 19k miles and 100k mile warranty. I absolutely love the car. I don’t have the best of credit, so my payment ending up being 699. So a few days later, the dealership called saying I had to return the car due to financing issues. I called the financing company... show more

Buying/Used car questions?

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have a couple questions related to buying/used cars. 1. is insurance typically cheaper for older cars? say 3+ years older or what actually dictates the price of insurance? 2. what are good car brands and models to buy that are reliable? i can only think of 2 that people say are reliable but i have no knowledge of... show more

Is minicooper a good car?

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Best answer: They are a really good car I have been racing Mini coopers for Year and the latest Minicooper is just the same nothing Girly about them at all just the people who think they are!

Im asking for advice from ppl who have own these 2 cars. I needed a car thats going to last a long time and need to be on budget and plz don t tell me go to Honda or Toyota or Nissan. I m interested in one of these cars.

I was looking at cars at carmax and i noticed they are way overpriced. Some of them cost over $3k more then the suggested Kelley blue book value. Why is carmax so overpriced?

What car should i buy?

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Best answer: Define ''low price''' with a number. What may seem inexpensive to me might be way out of your budget. The same goes for ''tiny''. Give an example. Tiny like a Smart ForTwo or ''tiny'' like a Honda Civic? Big difference in size

Best answer: Your bigger issue is not qualifying at all because of a lack of sufficient income. 736 is good enough for 10% down if you had income of $1800+ a month. Anyone that would finance you now is going to be subprime which means bad terms and subpar cars so DONT EVEN TRY until you get your income up. Save & pay... show more