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Guess what the car is all they are getting I don’t feel i owe them more than the car, they are trying to rob me

When shopping for used car, I noticed same make and model values dropped fast from brand new into few years old. Now I saw one 10 years old for 5999. 15 years old for 4999, 20 years old for 3999, 25 years old for 3499. Which would you choose? It's all same manufacturers make and model. All 4 of them have... show more

I’m leasing a car for 3 years and the car I was shown had mileage on it already but they sold it to me for a low price and I took it. But I’m worried will they add those 3,627 miles to mine? I know they only give 12,000 a year but I’m worried they might charge me the 15 cents per mile if it goes over.

To make a long story short, I’m interested in buying a used Audi SQ5. I found one near me which already seems to be at a good price (2014 model year, 30k Miles). It says the car is “Certified” pre owned. It’s listed for $32,950, but I want to offer around $29,500. Is this a good decision? I want to get a good deal... show more

Best answer: I cannot tell you the number of nights I've cried myself to sleep over this.

Best answer: Dealers exist to make money. Most will happily take your cash to do as you ask. Most will then call in an external contractor who specialises in fitting ICE to do the job. The contractor charges the dealer, the dealer marks up that charge and passes it to you. Money for nothing as far as they’re concerned. Just... show more

Best answer: Mini Coopers were not cheap new, and used, they are not cheap to keep on the road. Not the used car for a person with little money for repairs.

I'm currently on disability and will be for the next couple of years due to a hip problem and I'm looking into buying a car. I have the money to do so and will be able to pay the monthly payments and my dad said he will be my co-signer since I don't have credit but he said he talked to someone and they... show more

You can buy an entire car for $3,000 at a crappy Buy here-Pay here for the same cost of the mandatory extended warranty at the Big dealership.

For a person with neck problems, a car with the least impact can make a big difference. Which car has the best suspension?

I have an old 2004 Ford Focus Sedan that I want to do something cool to but keep it on a budget. I've seen videos on home built exoskeleton cars, but I don't have the expertise for that and having someone else do it for me is expensive to my knowledge. Anything else you can think of that would be fun/cheap?

Best answer: Hi so mister snob without money that you either have or not as the case maybe. you could find yourself in that position one day. so only a fool thinks like you do. times change and money also changes things.

I always see people with poor or not credit at all not a stable job and taking subsidies from the government getting those brand new cars while I have a stable job with good credit not getting even approved for a car loan which I really need to move on this car dependent city.