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I want to go to the Chicago auto show tomorrow how can i order an uber? its about 15 miles away from me.

Best answer: Contact an attorney and see what they say. You can also post your question on the Web site AVVO. This is a situation that cannot be ignored and needs to be immediately addressed with the school and the owner of the bus company.

Best answer: The left lane, in MOST states, s reserved for passing. Technically speaking it is a ticketable offense to drive continuously in the passing lane. Texas has recently announced the intent to enforce that law and the ticket price is $150.

My friend and I were in the car (makes two people). And I’m wondering if you need 2 people or more than 2 people to go in the hov lane.

Best answer: $5.00 give 2 gallons of gas- and in a large enough truck to haul bike and packages that means maybe 10 miles to the gallon city- what was base estimate for deliveries around town. 10 miles out of way and back- you covered gasoline money and maybe cheap cup of coffee, at least minimum for charity help. $10.00 offer... show more


I drive almost 100 miles every day on the highway. I've noticed that many people ignore "Yield" and "Merge"

Best answer: Best way? Wait about 30 seconds to a minute to turn fan on if you have a recirculating feature use it. The car heating features do not activate instantly at engine start. It takes a few seconds for the radiator water to flow through the system. Easiest is to invest in a radiator water line heater similar to a... show more

Best answer: People going to lunch, delivery people, tourists, drug dealers, people who work nights doing their shopping, Taxis, retired folks, under cover cops, and people who are just LOST.

Average speed camera pairing?

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I understand that average speed cameras work in pairs? Just say the A13 has a stretch of road and the cameras are located within 4 miles of it. Lets say there is camera 1, 2, 3 and 4. Camera 1 is the entry camera at the start of the 4 mile stretch. Camera 4 is the end camera at the end of the stretch. Camera 2 is... show more

Best answer: NYC is the city that never sleeps. The same can be said of other cities similar in size.

Do Bus Drivers Make Mistakes?

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Best answer: There are 'fare stages' where the price changes, regardless of where you get on or off, so one of those may have been at 2 stops previously to where you got on the bus. But are all drivers honest? I remember one incident where my husband offered a £10 note, was told by the driver he had no change, and... show more

My car is an 03 Honda Element 4 spd automatic and I'm comparing the a 98 Altima auto and a 2006 Mazda 3i 5 speed.

Best answer: It doesn't matter if the parking spot is outside, inside. or underground, I always have the nose/front pointing out. It makes it far easier and safer to exit the space.

Best answer: Bus drivers can already refuse to allow them on board if the bus is too full but if there is room, why not?

How far away do you live from work?

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