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Best answer: Something isn't adding up. The mileage you said you drive adds up to about 470 miles per week. most cars go at LEAST 200 miles, if not 300+ on one tank of gas, so why are you buying gas 3-4 times per week? Is there something wrong with your civic which is causing extremely poor fuel economy? Anyway, the volt... show more

Best answer: seems like a glitch. like it hasn't been notified you already received the ride. try signing out of the app and back in to see if that refreshes it, so to speak. otherwise, contact uber support.

Should a tunnel be built?

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I work in the city however,my wife and I clearly cant afford it.We found multiple places about 1 hour or more outside New York but cant justify ourselves to moving without feeling like we are leaving everyone behind and making our commute harder. We love our life style but hate our expenses. We hate commuting but... show more

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Best answer: It is a two hour train ride each way. This is considered a "normal" commute if you're from Seattle

Best answer: If wishes were fishes, we'd all become fishermen, as the saying goes. Let's put it this way. Larger valves, free-flow intake and exhaust manifolds, extruded aluminum rocker arms, stiffer valve springs, roller rocker cam followers, and a light weight flywheel are improvements that went into the Cobra that... show more

Would My Car be safe?

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Best answer: Generally your car should be safe but there are occasions where thieves will try to unlock your car through the window. Just don’t put anything valuable that thieves can see. When gps were popular a decade ago, burglars would break into cars to steal them if they can see it on your dashboard. Before that, it... show more

Best answer: How smooth an electric bus is depends largely on the driver. But most electric vehicles are far more quiet compared to a gas or diesel powered vehicle.

In actuality, the drivers are just taxis and they put 5 to 6 times of "taxis" than before

Hey, I get really confused by some of these signs The one attached in particular I have no permit Can I park all day Sunday? Also, can I park at 12pm on a weekday for the rest of the day without a permit? By the time I could ask a traffic warden it'd be too late Cheers

Is Uber safe?

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Best answer: Uber is tracked - so there ll be a record of the journey, the driver etc. If you re worried, let someone know you re doing the journey by Uber - then in the incredibly unlikely event that anything happens, it ll be easy to track back. (Given this; it would be hugely risky for an Uber driver to do anything)

I also would like to know if I can sleep in it when parked on my property that own down the the street two houses down to be exact.I would like to park on my property so I would not block traffic. I love how the look so I want to get my self one as a a daily commute to work. Please and Thank you

Best answer: When heading west on what ever road you are on when you get to 65th street making a right turn is north. When a road sign says north and you're driving north the house addresses get bigger. Wisconsin Avenue is probably the road that divides north and south. The east and west center road is water street dowtown.

Best answer: I've never been robbed on the NY subway. I've been pick pocketed on the Paris Metro. Frankly I don't find the Paris Metro that much nicer/better than NYC Metro. I've never been to Moscow, but my understanding is that the Moscow subway is the gold standard.

Best answer: You're making a judgement based on people's income which may be out of their control. You can be broke at any age bro. No shame in it.