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Best answer: Come to a complete stop at ALL stop signs, orangy and relights, and do not speed through ACTIVE school zones. Slow down at speed bumps.

Can Anybody recommend a first car?

11 answers · 1 day ago
I have just gotten my driving licence. i love in the UK and I want to buy my first car. However i am quite an eccentric person nd i don't want an ordinary car. But I am mainly worried about insurance. Are there vintage or classic cars that won't be too expensive in insurance for a 17 year old?

I don’t care what the statistics say, if women were charged higher prices for car insurance because of “statistics”, they wouldn’t care and theyd protest against it. I dont think its fair that I have to pay more money because i’m a male.

Few weeks ago, my friend needed me to help him get to work as trains were down. So he picked me up and we drove to work. He left the car to me to drive home and straight away, outside of the workplace, an accident occurs. I am not insured to drive the car, although I have my own car insurance (would've used my... show more

Car Registration?

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So my dad sold me a car that was in the company s name and wanted me to register it in my name. Do i have to register it in my name and if I don t what happens?

Best answer: Yes you do. DMV too?

Last night I totaled my car. It was my fault. 2009 Chevy impala. It is for sure totalled. My parents canceled my insurance this morning. A tow company took it to their lot. What do I do with my car? How can I get money for it? Can I do something else beside selling it for scrap? Thank you

I have a crisis and have to suddenly move out of state from Texas to New York. I m not supposed to do that with this car. However, I will still have my address in Texas and in New York I will just be staying with a family member, not on a lease or anything. I will get a job in New York too but my physical address... show more

Insurance question?

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If somebody pays for your insurance do they have the power to turn it off

I don t have any traffic tickets on my record, what is it more than twice the amount? This is in CA by the way and they are only 1-2 months late.

Best answer: Sure you can, if you can convince someone who has access to that information to break the law and give it to you. This is exactly why the general public can't look each other up through their license plate numbers.

I just bought a 04 Explorer, when I took it in to get tags I was only given 4 months, can they do that?