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Will insurance company find out?

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I really hate my car and want to get another car but dealers are offering very little in trade-in. So I am thinking about crashing it since I have full insurance and they will often settle for retail which is double what dealers are offering. So if I do get in a crash, will insurance find out and deny my claim?

I was involved in a 5 car accident. A car in the far right lane of a 4 lane highway spun out heading left and hit 4 vehicles, myself included. My car was badly damaged to the point it had to be towed and was deemed unsafe to drive. I was taken to the ER via ambulance. This occurred out of state. So my car was towed... show more

Best answer: What dealership in ACTUAL STATE, NOT the State of Confusion. Some states REQUIRE a LICENSED DEALER to do the title transfer, registration and pay the sales tax and fees- they will charge customer for this- but state wants it's money quick. This applies to used cars as well as new cars. Other states may say... show more

How many accidents?

For example if I borrow a friend's car and get in to an accident, my insurance would cover any damages and injuries and not his insurance. If the car has no insurance it will when only I'm driving it. Is this possible?

Best answer: Oregon minimum limits is 25/50/20. 25/50 is for injuries and the 20 is for property damages. Car parked and hit, there is NO dispute of fault. Now the question is of the delay, since it is possible that the drunk's insurance needed to verify if the drunk was insured or not and if so, then can't pay a... show more

So I have very valuable stuff in my friend’s vehicle which was impounded due to it not being registered or insured. The towing company is asking for the title or registration... he has NOTHING, just a bill of sale which is not notarizedand the previous owner is ignoring his calls. Is there ANYTHING I can do to... show more

Moving a utility trailer with my vehicle on my property I damaged my vehicle. If I turn damage into insurance company does it go on my driving record an accident? Will it raise my insurance and for how long. I am in Indiana.

Best answer: I might be wrong here...but I think getting out on the road and driving, over time, will build your confidence. If you don't feel confident driving alone and or need support, ask a friend or family member to go with you. Going too slow (especially on a freeway) can be dangerous too, but take your show more

Best answer: If she didn't hit anything she wasn't in a hit and run, she was just driving like an idiot. Probably nothing will happen unless somebody filmed her and put it on YouTube.

So I im 19, have only a learners permit and i recently purchased a vehicle, in the state of michigan can I legally get insurance & register the vehicle in my name to drive without a full licence , please keep in mind I will still be supervised as i only have a learner permit but is this enough to get me going ,... show more