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Best answer: Leaks can be the cause. It doesn't burn or evaporate.

Best answer: Keep the cellophane on or go for red cellophane instead, if you desire a darker lighting.

I purchased my 2011 Nissan Juke in November of 2010. While I have had it almost 9 years, it only has a little over 29,000 miles on it. I have all the oil changes and other maintenance done at the dealership, and their inspections have never shown a problem, but I am still a little worried about how long the same... show more

I had an overheating issue with my car. No external leaks but it was apparent that some combustion gases would get into the cooling system and overheat after a 30 min drive. Took it to the shop and the mechanic says that the head gasket has blown, motors are bad and that it isn’t fixable. I already spent a good... show more

I was told recently that I should be using synthetic oil. Can I safely switch from conventional to synthetic oil? I have had no issues with my car.

I am new to driving. I heard that people accidentally leave a car in idle overnight. They leave a car on battery. I don't know how to tell if the car is fully off or if I turned the key to much the wrong way.

Maintenance light came on at 90k miles but I ignored it. Now car has 110k miles. Transmission shifts fine. So can it go 200k miles?

My car was completely dead so i had to jump with my dad's car and ran into Sam's club. I have Toyota Corolla LE car but i don't why i accidentally told worker at the vehicle motor that I have Toyota Corolla SE. I guess they put SE new battery in my LE car. After they change the battery, my car engine... show more

Steering wheel rocking?

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Hi, I have a 2010 Nissan Altima with 124k miles. For the most part it has been reliable minus fuel pump needing changed a year ago. My wife drives the car and didn't tell me but I noticed today while driving it that when driving around 20-40mph the steering wheel rocks back and forth and then fades away with... show more

Best answer: It sounds like a battery that has reached the end of its useful life and is no longer able to hold sufficient charge for long enough. A bad battery connection (loose or corroded) COULD cause similar symptoms but I imagine you checked for that and would have spotted it when doing the jump start. You would know... show more

I just replace my rear brake pads myself today. The brand is Wagner QS and they're ceramic.They're the correct pads for my car. It's not a strong burning smell but it is noticeable. When I touch the rear rims they're warm. The front rims and brakes aren't like this since I didn't replace... show more

I have people say wait 20 seconds others say 2 minutes others say take it for a ride and let it get to operating temp.. From your experience whats the best way to get an accurate reading? thanks a lot!

98 ranger 180k miles in phenomenal shape but my new job Has a decent commute and I’d be driving about 20-25k miles. Regardless of the gas mileage is it ok to drive a truck that old that much? It’s all high way miles about 55 mph very few turns and very little stop and go. Thank you.