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I have a 2003 Honda Element awd 4 speed automatic. From my experience, the truck is peppy and gets up to speed until around 85 mph. After 85 the aerodynamic track really hinders the truck from reaching it's top speed. Under the right circumstances, I've clocked my truck up to 100-101 mph @4000-4100 rpms... show more

Best answer: There are fashion trends in colours, and yellow has been outnof favour in both Europe and North America for a long while. But fashions change, and as soon as there are signs that yellow is back “in”, car manufacturers will follow that trend. On the right car I like yellow. Ford Daytona Yellow really suited my... show more

I want to make my car louder, however, the law in nevada states that “Mufflers are required on all vehicles and must be in working condition to limit noise and pollution. Muffler bypasses, cutouts and similar devices that amplify sound are not permitted on highways.” how can i work around this?

I have an interview with grey hound to be a bus driver 2 days from now that requires a "clean record".

Best answer: Careless or absentminded.

Today the cars all look alike..like some generic prototype

Best answer: It depends on the type of headlights and how the manufacturer set the system up. It's illegal to run fog lights with high beams. It also would defeat the purpose for fog lights as they are set up to shine low so they don't light up the fog.

Best answer: No

Never drove a 18 wheeler. My understanding is that I can only drive buss only. What do I need to do so I can get my license for a truck?

Best answer: No, I don't agree, I think you're all worked up over nothing. Here are a few items for you to consider: 1. whether or not an engine is excessive depends on how the engine is being used. Putting a V12 into a small sports car is entirely different than a V12 in a box truck or an RV that needs the extra... show more

Im missing one payment but i pay on time for 2 years. How long before they repo it?

I was not allowed to get on a bus in Sydney by the bus driver, because I was taking a box to food - ready to eat, the driver thought I was going to eat it on the bus. I explained I would not eat it on the bus but he insist not to allow me to get on. Does the bus driver have the authority of not letting a passenger... show more

Best answer: Yes, you do. You automatically get a permit when you pass the WRITTEN tests for a drivers license. THEN you are allowed to go out and actually LEARN how to drive before you come back to test behind the wheel for your license. And YES... You MUST have a licensed ADULT driver in the vehicle with you when you... show more

So I have a 2003 Honda Element awd 4 speed automatic. My car has been serviced and has been mechanically inspected. I just changed the oil 2 months ago. The thing is me and a co-worker of mine are planning do do a cross country trip from new Jersey all the way to San Diego, Cali. This is going to be my first cross... show more

Alright, aside from the obvious reasons why a 70-plus year old car should seldom be used as a daily driver (risk of accident, risk of being stolen, risk of a dent, etc.), I am curious from a mechanical standpoint. Would a restored '47 Clipper be as hefty and complicated to fix as say, an '86 Jaguar XJS with... show more