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What gasoline is the best?

11 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Yes they are different, higher octane reduces premature self-ignition from compression. Cars built with higher compression cylinders can produce more power, but higher octane fuel may be needed to prevent ignition before the piston is positioned to benefit from the increased compression. On the other hand if you... show more

I wont take an Uber or Lyft . I feel the driver might be too interpersonal and in my business, or trying to hold a conversation with me , when I am infact just more concerned about getting to where I am going , safely and quickly. Taxi cab drivers tend to be more professional , and they don't do those things.

If you've been to autoshows or race tracks, you can see how loud race or exotic cars go around the tracks or streets. But the question is how loud can they rev their engines? These cars pack more power than your average passenger car,so expect them to be loud. It probably depends on the cars and the type of... show more

I don't know what is wrong with my road test skills. When my dad let me take the wheel he said that there was nothing wrong with my driving. I can parallel park, drive on a freeway, stop before the white line and make headchecks. I've even improved on my ability to make sharp turns so my wheel doesn't... show more

I am watching a YouTube video about people failing the driving exam and remind me that I failed 4 times before I got my driver's license.

Yesterday my car was towed from an apartment complex that I was parked in without a guest pass. A few hours later, I paid the fine, and got my car back. While there, I did a quick check of the exterior of the car to make sure everything looked fine, and then drove it straight home. I didn t drive it again until... show more

How to improve my driving?

5 answers · 4 days ago
I have my permit and my mom and I have been practicing by letting me drive to the store and stuff and I do a good job other than at lights cause I always get scared that the other cars are judging me or that I made a mistake somehow. Today I kinda stopped a fourth of a way into the intersection when stopping for a... show more

Can Jaguars be reliable cars?

11 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: A Jaguar, reliable? Surely you jest. Their electrical systems were designed by Lucas. Also known as Lucas, the Prince of Darkness.

My bus driver for school is not letting us sit in the back of the bus and it making us leave the last 5 rows empty because 1 kid was being loud and there s not enough seat of the bus as it is so we re forced to fit more than 3 people per seat and might have to start standing. Is this even allowed for her to do?

To Pay For Fuel , Scan Bar Codes , set Your Sat-Nav which are built into your mobile phone AND De-missed , your car Windows , Heat your car up and many other things

When should you use headlights?

30 answers · 2 weeks ago

a seatbelt, but buses can have people standing smushed together but that is normal?

I am 16 and hold my QLD learners license, My friend who owns a car does not currently hold a license, will i lose my license if caught in the my friends car while they are un-licensed and driving? *note driver is completely capable of driving and is safe* *note i am aware that it is illegal but just wanted to see... show more

How do i find a truck?

6 answers · 1 week ago