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Do you have to be pretty to be a stripper?

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Are managers allowed to ask you to put your phones away?

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This one time, my manager asked me to put my phone in the “back” (breakroom) because she saw me on it. Is she allowed to do that?

Why are seniors (70+) stealing minimum wage jobs from younger people,?

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I noticed they are taking cashier, janitor, security, and other jobs .Many young people are trying to get those jobs, and the positions are taken.

Is it wrong to do this at work?

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My co-worker reported me because I called her a *****. I was only messing around. How could she take it so personally? Was I wrong to use the B word?

Application question "Do you type?"?

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I'm filling out a job application, and one of the questions asks "Do you type?" (Yes or no). Does that literally just mean like computer typing?

Do you think I should email the employer?

8 answers · Administrative and Office Support · 6 hours ago
I applied for this job but it didn't say on the job description what the hours all I know is they open Monday to Saturday, I'm just curious to know what the hours are do you think I should email the employer or is it not convienient before asked for an interview?

I'm an engineer from the US and I recently started working in Sweden. I moved there to live with my gf. I started working for a big company and I have noticed some work culture differences. People here are a lot less formal and they don't work as long. Back home it was not uncommon for me to work at least... show more

Should I expect at least a 50,000 job after I recieve my bachelors dehree?

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How to quit a smll business?

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I work at a mom and pop pizza shop. I am the only employee of the husband and wife that own the place. Ive been working for two months but am simply over it. I feel bad and nervous confronting them (telling them im going to quit) what would be a good excuse that they would understand?

Do employers have to let you know in advance before you apply for the position or interview or when you start the job?

Does she think I’m ugly and is blunt about it?

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I go to appointments fortnightly with an employment advisor for the past month. I’m a 21 year old quiet guy who’s quiet and nervous and polite. She reminded me the interviews she chose me for that I had coming up and she subbed me for both of them (they get job opportunities) and she then turned upbeat and her... show more

My family is making me feel guilty about my career decisions?

24 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 4 days ago
I’m completing my Masters Degree this May. For the past two years I’ve been living at my parents retirement home near the college I am attending and paying their mortgage for them as rent. This area does not have any jobs in my field of study. I let my parents know that I had an interview for a position four hours... show more

Will they still let me reschedule my interview?

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I missed an interview last Thursday due to my mom getting into an accident Wednesday night. I left for the hospital and didn't return until Saturday. With this happening, I had completely forgotten about the interview. They sent me an email saying that if an emergency was the reason I no showed, then they... show more

Why would go back to school if i have a ba?

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Best answer: If you're changing careers.

Am I eligible for unemployment in this scenario ?

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Hello , I live in New York and picked up a seasonal job back in November. We all just found out last week they’re getting rid of the morning shift ( which is where most of the seasonal shift works ) on March 10th ! They’re giving everyone an opportunity to reapply for new permanent shifts but that isn’t very... show more

I am 15 and my parents, most of the rest of my family and a lot of my friends try to talk me out if it. They say it's just a phase but I know for a fact this is what I want to do. They also say its really dangerous, I have heard of a few people getting hurt or killed, but how dangerous is it really? Seems to me... show more

Did I have a chance here or was it nothing?

6 answers · Abuse and Spam · 11 hours ago
I work at a pub and a group of girls sitting and drinking and had a guy there with them too and one stopped to ask me can they play music on their phones I said no we arnt allowed to play music and I said if it was up to me I’d let them but it isn’t etc and I walked off to get glasses from another table when she... show more

Which would be better for a woman?

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Best answer: You don't get a diploma in any of those tech programs you get a certificate and they are all entry level jobs