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Does every company have and need an HR department? What are the basic functions of an HR department?

Should i be worried?

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Best answer: Well, the power plant doesn't go away just because the company went out of business. It will still be run and maintained until it can be sold off to a buyer, probably another power company, at which stage everyone should receive a letter notifying them who the new owners are, and what processes will be involved... show more

How is it that China is reaping all the benefits from the work of Stephen Wiesner, Gilles Brassard, and Artur Ekert (See: Those who showed the potential of quantum cryptography are not Chinese. Why didn't an American, British, or Israeli company beat Huawei to market?

Best answer: Almost all FedEx packages go from the originator to their main hub in Memphis, then to the destination.

There's very little overhead when running a tech company. One persons program can serve all of humanity. If the productivity of computer programs were applied to government, we'd have a libertarians utopia. Is there a downside? Would a government run by a computer programmer be too small even for Republicans? show more

Best answer: Be safe check with Patent Office, or better the last known officer/lawyer of the company/corporation. buy it if you can.

Why are you interested in this job or why you switching companies. the truth is why I am switching companies is because I make $12 an hour with my old company a new company is offering $18 and both are private security companies. I obviously don't want to say oh I'm just switching because it's more pay.

How does she know this?

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Best answer: Obviously, she overheard the few staff who do speak English. It also possible that your former boss may be bilingual.

Best answer: Only if they can do it better than the open market can...which they cannot. The only way government related businesses succeed is through tricky tax deals. If you are the state you pay corporate income taxes?

Best answer: Often they are reasonably reliable if there are lots of reviews. Yes sometimes there are shill reviews posted by the business owner or their friends. Yes sometimes there are horribly unreasonable customers that the business is glad to be rid of. I run a service-oriented business and am on the receiving end of... show more

Best answer: While the Bible disapproves of homosexual acts, it does not condone hatred of homosexuals or homophobia. Instead, Christians are directed to “respect everyone.” 1 Peter 2:17 Even though they do not condone homosexual relations, true Christians show kindness to all people. Matthew 7:12 Therefore, genuine... show more

I’ve been visiting R&S for about 6 years so I’ve seen it change. Six years ago if someone asked a question about homesexuality you’d immediately see a bunch of Christian answers denouncing homosexuality as gravely sinful. Now most of the time you hear crickets or or even in some cases apostates even saying... show more

i said sorry it didn't work out. is it bad to leave on good terms?

Tech companies now scrap for the talents of machine-learning gurus and shower them with bank-busting salaries