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Best answer: Maybe, if it's small, no table service and open fairly short hours. The 4 managers better plan to do a lot of work, not just manage.

they certainly are not helpful..and in fact hinder me in my research

Why do ghettos exist?

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Best answer: I hope not. I have several others who are trained to do the key aspects of my job in case of my absence. I have confidence they would jump-to and have it handled pretty quickly. I manage a business with 43 employees, and I've always felt that if the business can run smoothly without me, I've done my job... show more

Best answer: how are they sending flyers ?? flyers are usually left on front doors of residences..........and maybe it's not PH but a delivery service ?? if you want to contact them, the corporate office would be the correct place and you would need to send an email and NOT call..........a phone call can be forgotten as... show more

Best answer: you can contact them and ask if you can be compensated, but ...........

Do you think Tesla will fail?

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Best answer: Once they are in the bin, they are store property. Taking them is theft.

Best answer: It's inordinately difficult to get companies to stop sending any kind of mail, solicited (asked for) or unsolicited (unasked for). The best and quickest thing if writing to them and asking them to stop doesn't work, is to just shred the letters, unopened when they come. (That's provided they... show more

Close Amazon Prime?

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Best answer: The “purpose” was to create a huge new welfare entitlement program to make even more people sullen, unemployed, and dependent on the government instead of free, independent, and proud.

Best answer: Hire illegals and pay them 5 bucks under the table. Rich people do it all the time.

It worked with Japan! Then Michelle Obama can blame Trump, and the Republicans, and win the presidency, in a landslide! Note both liberals, and conservatives, call China evil, so America should nuke China, off the face of this earth!