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Credit score?

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So here the question my brother bought a house month ago, he think he lose all his credit score and credit history b/c he also planing to buy a car.

Fastest way to raise credit scores?

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i asked my aunt if i can use her credit card to purchase a present online for my mom and get it shipped to my house because i dont have a credit card. the present cost $117.95 is it ok that i gave her $117.95 in cash to reimburse her for using her card?? is that fair

I work on a restaurant and was told by an employee that tips I make from credit cards are taken out of my check. At the end of each night, I’m given cash for my credit card tips. I know that they are taxed, but do they really come out of my bi-weekly pay? To me that doesn’t make any sense. For example, at then end... show more

I was wondering if I would be able to convert my balance on Amazon to my Paypal account, but I have no idea how to do that. Can someone help me with this predicament

I'm a stay at home mom and my boyfriend works. I'm going to my bank today to apply for a credit card that we really need to fix our furnace. I have good credit from paying off my car and my boyfriend doesn't have great credit so I'm going to apply for the card (never had a credit card before) so we... show more

I always use my grandmothers car to get to work but it always conflicts her schedule as it’s the only car we have. I asked her to co-sign a loan with me but shes not up to it. Can I get a loan with no credit but a steady proof on income? I’m in dire need of a car.

I was unaware I received a parking ticket in 2014 from the city of Vancouver (not the police) until my credit report went down over 100 points and i was denied a credit card. I checked my credit report and found a 150 parking ticket so I immediately called them and paid it but they said it cannot be removed. When... show more

I know you build credit by using your credit card to buy things, and simply paying your debt off in time. But what if you spend just 40 bucks at the grocery store? Or 80 bucks buying a weight set? Do small purchases being paid off increase credit, or just bigger ones?

Is this theft?

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A friend of mine cashed his check at walmart and had them reload some debit card for him with the check. So the lady rums the check through and asks if the whole check is going on the card. He said yes several times. The lady then asked the same question a few more times because she was too busy keeping up a... show more

I got called by a scam number, I didn’t know because he claimed to be an agent from a company I purchased from. He asked for my full name which unfortunately I gave to him. Then he asked for my birthday which I also gave to him. Then he asked for my full credit card number which I also gave to him ); and finally my... show more

Best answer: (Some) rich people use their money to get even more money at the expense of poor people. They pay congresspeople to change laws in ways that benefit the rich. For example, income from investment is taxed at half the rate of earned income. Corporate managers take huge salaries while cutting their employees'... show more

I got pre-approved for a pre-approved credit card with first premier for $300. I don't really have credit so I was thinking about accepting the offer, but only using the card for emergency purposes only. Will I still have to pay a bill during the months that I don't use it?

Best answer: Get a credit card & pay it off EVERY month. Ask Jesus to walk you through this.

Best answer: 1,000