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If I put away about $500 a month in my 401k from age 30 going forward, and estimate a 7 percent return for mutual funds.. I will get to 1 million dollars. People laugh at this and say it's so naive. what am I missing

So, I’m 18 years old and I wanted to start investing at this age. But unfortunately, I have no income. And sometimes I feel like I am wasting time and I should start investing now. I plan on investing at the age of “19”. I just want to know if this age is too late? I also want to know at which age do I NEED to... show more

Best answer: How do you think they got to be millionaires, throwing their money away and advertising for others free?

How to leave home?

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Best answer: plan ahead by making a list and u have to save money

Is CMFO the perfect stock?

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if we want to be rich, why waste years working 40 hours a week for peanuts??? just put your savings into CMFO stock and watch it SKYROCKET in only a few days

my money is going ALL IN to the CMFO stock. Huge upside, very little downside

Where is it better to invest?

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Is investing easy?

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Best answer: No, not only do I nothave a farm, but even if I did, I would not believe it... Change takes time, and all the accomplishments TRUMP takes credit for are from previous presidencies... That is like a future Chinese president claiming that HE (yes, HE; like it or not, communism is not averse to males-only-in-power)... show more

Forgive me if I'm wrong, i just started researching the stock market about a week ago. I have been using the app RobinHood to start my investing due to no fees. I plan on putting in $100 to start. i work a full time job so im not trying to make this a life investment, just too gain some profit with my sitting... show more

Best answer: Pick up your head off your desk and breathe. The reserve stock split has ZERO impact on the value of your investment. The adjustment happens overnight and in the AM everything will be fine. For example, if you bought ten shares at $1 each, tomorrow you will have five shares at $2 each. And to echo the... show more

Best answer: It would benefit from more people trying their best to become millionaires instead of waiting for things to come to them.