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Best answer: When it is up the cons try to take credit for it. When it is down, they simply say it's an adjustment. They want all the credit, none of the blame.

Why are atheists all money mad?

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Best answer: Its because atheists put their faith in themselves...not some random higher power who may or may not help them out in times of need... If religion worked every time, there would be no need for faith. You know what does work every time I've ever tried

Should I cash out my 401k ?

To someone who doesn t know much about economics or the stock market this seems like a very smart thing to do because the stocks will start low and from my point of view Airbnb is only going to grow right. What are the main risks in doing something like this? How could I lose a lot of money and how would a popular... show more

Best answer: It is. Take it from an old time investor of the company. The company is very technology-driven. They offer financial services like HFT, Algorithm Trading and such if you are a seasoned investor. I started investing as soon as I landed my first job. Only a month or two into it, I started making good returns on my... show more

I have no clue on what stock market is and what's the point.

Should I buy Bitcoin?

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I'm 18 and I'm interested in buying bitcoin. Not to do illegal things but to invest. Should I? And if so, how much and what type of bitcoin should I buy? Thanks!!

I don't know what to get for someone and thinking about giving him a 3 gram Gold Panda coin for $130. Is this a good deal and gift?

I take ALL the money from the sale and BUY Amazon stock (AMZN), but also have it not inside an IRA type protected acct.? Would this just be a "swap" of market stocks since I'm not actually using the KO proceeds to keep for myself right now, but instead buying another stock? Thanks for your help.

I know you can't buy and sell the same stock within 1 year or else you get a tax penalty is that right? But, what if I have an index fund with lots of stocks in it that includes Amazon. I sold that in September. If I want to buy Amazon right now, can I do it and not get some kind of penalty for buying too... show more

I make around 50k and in my mid 20s, I am trying to find any Financial advisors, RIAs or Fiduciaries out there that I can speak to about my finances, etc but most what Ive seen you need to have almost 100k in the bank or make a certain high amount. I dont have anything near that yet. Are there any alternatives out... show more

Best answer: no - you must send it to that Nigerian prince so he can hold it for you

Best answer: certainly not good