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except mortgage?

I pay Everything the cleaning fee $300, $ 1500 deposit and $1550 for the 1st month rent and advance Utilities .for $155 before he moved in . I have all the evidence in my bank acct that the landlord/ manager of the property already cash in the check. Now after like almost 2 mos of his stay in his apartment he... show more

Best way to buy a house?

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Hi I’m 25 and Me and my boyfriend have been saving up for a house to buy . People tell us we Have to get a mortgage in order to be able to afford a nice home. However me and him really don’t want to get a mortgage because we don’t want to pay the interest on it. So far we have 50,000 saved up and want to use 40,000... show more

Best answer: You're at a disadvantage as an unmarried couple with low income (combined $40k is very, very low), average credit, and little history. I'm sure you're lovely people but you have to understand that a landlord needs to protect him/herself from risk as much as possible. My personal advice (and trust me,... show more

My boyfriend is looking for an apartment and found one he really likes. The issue is that it is a 2 BR, and the owner will not rent a 2 BR to a single tenant because it is considered "over housing," even though he can afford the apartment by himself. The owner said the only way he could get approved is... show more

Best answer: It's up to the individual landlord. Plus remember, income is only part of the qualification process. Credit, previous rental history and criminal history is considered too.

The apartment we want costs a little less than 700. We also could find a way to transport our stuff, since there isn’t much, without renting a uhaul. How much do you think we should have saved?

Unfortunately I have lost it, so I went into the property management place & asked them to give me a copy of it. The owner had this place manage this dump originally & then had several other places manage it. She ended up going back to the original place. Why, who knows? None of these places have been any... show more

I'm shopping for my first house, and my realtor has twice tried to talk me out of what seems to be a really good house (and turned out to be a very popular, fast-selling house both times). I appreciate honest advice, but she has been very pushy about it and I feel like I'm being manipulated. This may be... show more

Which option will save you more money? Buying a house and paying the mortgage off, home insurance, HOA fees or renting an apartment?

So, I had recently moved into an apartment with my s/o and dog. We loved the place and was excited to have it. We were notified of all charges in the beginning (security deposit, dog fee, etc.) And it was listed on one of the final documents we signed. Well there was all these pro rates taken into an account and we... show more

I’m looking at some old houses and condos in Connecticut. They have clearly been remodeled. Modern kitchens, new carpets or wood floors, etc. Is it safe to assume that in this process asbestos should have been removed.

My landlord is in the process of switching letting agencies and handed me a letter informing me that my rent will increase by £140 a month!!. But I moved into the property I’m in now three months ago and signed a lease agreement for 12 months for a set rent price.

Me and my boyfriend want to rent a one bedroom apartment that cost 1000/month. According to my tax returns, I make about 40k after taxes, and he makes about 50k. Since we are not married, we do not have a joint tax return. And please don't suggest that we get married. Thanks.

They realized new commercial construction was being developed in the fields behind the house.(which has been going on for years now). The closing is in 2 weeks. We have negotiated after inscriptions, etc and agreed to a contract. I’ve been selling furniture and have movers scheduled. Any ideas?

Best answer: Nothing was final until the new guy signed the lease. He loses is deposit & you are left with nobody to take over the lease. You remain responsible for the lease and the rent until there is a new tenant or until the landlord releases you. Any release needs to be in writing.