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It's in a city called Hinkley, CA.

I made an offer on a home for the full asking price, and have not heard back from the agent at all in 3 days. It's quite irritating, considering she said that the seller would like to sell as soon as possible. My offer didn't have a time limit on it, thanks to my realtor who didn't care to inform me... show more

Best answer: Explain calmly that she needs to find another place to live. Ask for a commitment of when she promises to move out. If she balks, tell her that it's really not her choice, and that you want to avoid having to involve the legal system. If still no action, "serve" her with a written notice of intent... show more

So my apartment management sent out a botice that they would be doing Fire, Safety and Lock inspections which would consist of them changing batteries in smoke detectors and oiling and checking locks and I wasn t home which is fine but then after the inspection they called me to tell me that they did a complete... show more

Best answer: If you build a house you get what you want done the way you want, but it'll cost you and there can be lots of hassles and annoyances to the building process. If you buy a house you can get a decent house for less money or a really good house for more money (but this may be close to what you want). Its... show more

My sister's landlord came in today to replace her front screen door. Instead, he went into her kitchen and bathroom investigating the plumbing. The apartment was in bad shape prior to her moving into it. She mentioned boards under the kitchen sink were wet and rotting same with the bathroom vanity boards. I... show more

Landlord won’t make repairs?

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My friends landlord will not make repairs that she’s known of, that aren’t caused by her. There is a hole in the floor (I believe in the bathroom), they have a plywood wall in the shower which is disgusting and causes mold, which my friend told her landlord about, the landlord did nothing so she cleaned it but it... show more

We stayed the last 3 months without paying rent to anyone because we couldn't figure out who to give the checks too. Then our lease ended and we moved out. We have been waiting for anyone to send us a notice of collections or anything and it has been 6 months. Is it fairly safe to assume that we're home... show more

Sometime when I am shopping for a house. I drive through neighborhood trying get an idea what's like living there. Like when I saw sign for sale by realtor. I stop by and then take a look on tablet internet to see details feature and price asking. Sometime neighbors came out and say don't park front of my... show more

Neighbours chirping/beeping alarm?

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If your neighbours beeping/chirping fire alarm was making that sound for a month, how would you feel? What would you do? And Why

Best answer: He's not being kind. Everyone is allowed to look out for their best interest but they can't break the law doing it, and what he wants to do is breaking the law. He is not allowed to collect rent from two different tenants for the same month. If you have to pay for it, the room is yours. He is correct that... show more

My mom married a man who has a son of his own. When he died his son came back to the house with his wife and two kids. They stayed for 6 months because they didn't have a place just yet. My mom now wants to sell and move out of the house and live with her other daughter but she doesn't want to leave with... show more

I work a part time job and want to know and I was thinking to save $2,000 and was also thinking of working a 2nd job. And is this the right amount that I need to move out?

My landlord seems to think toilets are unnecessary and we've been without a functioning toilet for 6 days now.

The prices seem so cheap!

Well where I want to move is in Bakersfield. From what I’ve heard I need to have a significant amount saved for the down payment. What about my credit cards? Do they need to be paid off, or at least have a small balance remaining? Any tips would be great

Both on the tenancy agreement we split up now she’s moved out Do I have to tell them or no ? Iv not signed any contract since we moved in , 3 years ago is that right ? I’m happy to stay pay the bills rent as normal

A room? A place? like, "My ___ is located near downtown" In a commercial hotel, it would be, "My hotel is near downtown" If you book a place on airbnb, what would you call the place?