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Is Wi-Fi bad for you?

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We've had Wi-Fi in our house since I was 12 and im nervous it might be bad especially since im still young. Is it?

Best answer: If it didn't have that effect, would you get up, or would you stay in bed?

I recently got fiber internet. This requires the fiber internet box and a router to be plugged in. The only outlet close to the installation is not grounded leaving me the choice of plugging the setup into a non-grounded outlet OR using a 50ft extension cable running to a outlet that is grounded. Either way... show more

If I plan to make a left and right mono speakers

Best answer: usually, the solar panels are 12 volts and the rechargeable batteries 1.2 volts .. so use an ic regulator LM7805 and four batteries( 4.8 ) volts .. if you really need 4.5 volts you may use LM317

every time I use the volume button my LED lights flicker,, but not when I touch the volume manually. They re battery powered and I don t know what s going on

Best answer: It was released in 1999, so no. edit: actually, it was originally released in 1998, in Japan.

I just purchased an electric meat grinder. In specifications it says that continuous working time - 10 minutes. What does it mean? It works for ten minutes and stops working?

Best answer: The disc will play in any player that can handle the type of disc put into it. You may still have to be sure a DVD is NTSC or PAL (whichever applies to where you are) in order for it to be watchable.

Best answer: Bics

Best answer: Give one of them the code. Portable radiators are one of the top causes of house fires. They overheat when left on too long and and start fires.

I got my guitar 1 year ago, and I've had this problem since then. It doesn't really shock me or bother me as long as I don't touch the concrete floor with my feet. I sit in a wooden chair while playing and keep my feet high above the ground. However, I do get shocks if my feet are touching the ground... show more


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It's a GE. I've tried to change the power a few times. I keep getting the same message. Why does it need any time to change the power setting? How long will it take for it to change its mind?

If yes, are these batteries chargeable with solar panels? And how many 'watts' would 18 car batteries give?