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Do you think this is stealing or smart?

17 answers · Fast Food · 2 days ago
Taco Bell is giving away free tacos today so I went to 10 locations and got 10 free tacos! Saved me $20.

What was a sitcom you never found that funny?

27 answers · Goiania · 4 days ago
Best answer: The Cool Kids & Kevin can't Wait

What's your favorite takeaway/fast food order?

10 answers · Fast Food · 1 day ago
Best answer: Light weight! Mine is naga and if they don't have that then a wimpy phall will have to do! (Vindaloos only count as dessert) Got to agree about the onion bhajis though!

Even if you have a degree in a field with lots of jobs like engineering.

Should I cancel job interview?

7 answers · Fast Food · 1 day ago
Best answer: Sounds like you're actively sabotaging your life before even starting it. Go there, see how it works out for you. If you begin your work life making excuses about how you'll never succeed, that's not great. Doing something outside of your comfort zone a bit will build character. It's Chipotle -... show more

My girlfriend and I were “dry humping” while she was naked and I was wearing only my underwear. We weren’t necessarily rubbing against each other vigorously but I was on top of her and we were making out. Some pre-*** seeped through and you could see that it had gotten a portion of my underwear moist. The part that... show more

Is money evil? or is it the people?

11 answers · Lucknow · 3 days ago
whether or not it or they are evil, it definitely changes them

Best answer: To people that recognize that that's what has been going on it would. Unfortunately, it seems that many Americans are clueless thanks to their apathy when it comes to their government.

Signs that a job interview went well?

7 answers · Chandigarth · 2 days ago
I know its impossible to really give a decisive answer, but what are usually signs of a good interview?

Best restaurants to find a healthy meal?

7 answers · Other - Dining Out · 2 days ago
Best answer: Why mashed potatoes order steamed vegetables or increase the size of the salad but do not pour a lot of dressing on it. Ask for the dressing on the side. If they have baked or broiled fish order that instead of a burger.

I only want to work for 3 months until school starts again

Is taco bell a mexican corporation?

4 answers · Fast Food · 2 hours ago

I have a tax exempt question?

7 answers · Fast Food · 3 days ago
I have 2 jobs. One is delivering pizza. I have a lot of write offs. Can I claim exempt at my other hob?

Best answer: OK, I'll split the difference with you - no abortions after five months.

How do i find wendys store number?

9 answers · Fast Food · 4 days ago

Could Texas turn blue?

22 answers · Porto Alegre · 7 days ago