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Best answer: yes. the problem is less than 10% of black women age 25 and up have it and less than 20% age 25 and up have a bachelors. so most are without

Hi. My names Linka and I'm 18 years old. I fooled around in high school, did a bunch of drugs and got into a coma for two weeks. My grades were awful and due to this, I go to a community college. Im sober now. I live at home and have no friends or social live and am literally craving a social life. I have... show more

Best answer: President Trump only the first US President to have a Mushroom ******** Baba Booey Howard Stern's Penis is bigger than Trump's

I really have no idea what to do with my life. I'm a single mom to a 6 year old son. I work as a home health aide which barely helps me survive. I really haven't done anything with my life. I really want to be a nurse. But for me it would take me 4 years. All because I have a lot of pre reqs to do. I was... show more

I recently finished all my classes for my bookkeeping certificate. My mom suggested that I stay at the college and continue taking accounting classes so I can have more opportunities in life. During the second half of my bookkeeping classes I found a tutor who I got to do all the homework for me. I am now... show more

Is university capitalized?

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Best answer: Only if you were using university as part of the name. eg. "The University of London has a fine veterinary department." "The university's fire extinguishers haven't been checked since 1958."

After completing your bachelors in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology can you study further to get a doctorate in SLP AND AUDIOLOGY ? So that you are able to use the title ‘ Dr. ‘ and be referred to as a Doctor rather than a specialist/therapist. Also roughly how long would it take to earn your doctorate?

Best answer: First, in the U.S. you don't need to decide on your major right now unless your major is very specific and only offered a few universities. If you want to be a BUSINESS MANAGER or a band, you need a degree in business and or law. Why? Because the role of a manager is to deal with the legal and financial... show more

Best answer: You wouldn’t in any way be taking away from her college experience. It’s clear that you genuinely love the college and would likely really thrive there! If you let intimidation and fear influence you not to go, then that could ruin what could be a great college experience of your own! You wouldn’t be stepping on... show more

What to do after highschool?

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I am in my senior year of highschool and I am so lost. I don’t want to go to college I just don’t want to I don’t have the money or the passion for college. I am smart and love to read and explore and figure things out on my own. But school is terrible for me I can’t concentrate in a class environment. I currently... show more

Best answer: Yes, because I'm of the belief that everyone has their own journey in life. People can make positive change and "give back" (to the community) while realizing his/her purpose in life. Please consider getting into therapy, especially with either a clinical psychologist (PhD or PsyD) or a... show more

Best answer: cut off dates vary.......i turned 18 in may and graduated in june

So my maintence loan is going to be arriving late. It is supposed to be here on the 24th of september or 2-3 days after enrolling. I have already enrolled into my university and i have collected my ID badge but when i called student finance about why my payment has become blocked, they told me that they are trying... show more

Best answer: 22 is not too old to attend university. There are many universities - you don't have to put your life on hold to avoid one man. Look at other options.