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I told my parents my ideas for college, and they refuse to listen. I told them I wanted to stay local because when I turn 18 in the spring, I can join my town's fire department and I want to attend the fire academy as well as college. When my parents heard this, they went into my room, took the admissions... show more

I like working with animals and have considered veterinary medicine. But they work ALOT. I m open to completely different fields though. I d like to make between 60k-100k per year but not work 50 hours per week. Any ideas?

Best answer: Erroneous assumptions. Many prospective college students are 17 when accepted for the following school year. Some are still 17 when they start freshman year in college. Not all school districts have the same cutoff dates for starting kindergarten. Also, some high school students graduate early.

so I'm almost 20, and I'm working 2 jobs to save up for college. I'm currently in community college too. I can't even afford to go to University of Pittsburgh (in state public school) because it's way too expensive. My advisor said it's one of the most expensive public schools in the county.... show more

Community college at 16?

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How do I know what community colleges will accept a 16 year old? I plan to get my GED at 16, then enroll in online community college classes.

What's your scam?

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Best answer: It depends on where you want to get. BUT in general a less-expensive college is OK IF you are planning to continue to get a Masters or Doctorate at another, better institution and IF you excel academically and IF the less-expensive college has a reputable program in the field you want. IF you want to graduate... show more

Best answer: *Bear*, not "bare" I taught computer science at a university in the Midwest. Prerequisites are so designated for a REASON, and are not to be taken lightly. The likelihood of passing a course without its prerequisite knowledge is UNLIKELY. The teachers of the subsequent courses will assume that you have... show more

So I want to get into the paramedics program at my local college. I need a high level of chemistry, biology, math and English. I got a good mark in English, a 65 in grade 12 math in high school, I got a 75 in biology in high school, and I got a 55 in chemistry in grade 12. I need like high 80s in these courses to... show more

Best answer: Because the school will not be there for them at work where it's real life dealing with work. So start at school. You can overcome when you search out how to get things done. Anxiety is not a good reason for negligence. You get anxiety because you are not ready. When you're not ready of course you will... show more

Is this a good idea?

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Get a learning visa for some european country and go to law school over there so that I don't get trapped in student loan debt. If I do get a masters degree education in another country and then come back to the USA will I still have the qualifications as a person with a US master degree?

I'm a high school freshman. I'm in Civil Air Patrol, I do kickboxing, Anti-Defamation League, and I do two honors classes (my school only offers 3 freshman year) and plan on taking more next year. I also have a part-time job. My main issue is the fact that I don't do a competitive team sport, although I... show more