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How am I expected to pay taxes on financial aid if all the aid given to me goes directly to my school for school-related expenses. For instance, if I am given $50,000 worth of financial aid and my total cost of attendance is also $50,000, but all of the aid goes to things like room and board, travel, tuition, meal... show more

Basically my mom left me on my own when I was 18. She followed her addiction to New Mexico and left me here in NJ. I m 23 and I m picking up the pieces. I need 45k to go to school. I have a 625 credit score. I work full time as a bartender and part time in real estate. And I have no cosigner. Point me where to go... show more

Best answer: You can try for a scholarship or get a loan. If not, go to your next choice of college. At the end of the day, employers want to see your dedication and work ethic, not the name of your college. Good luck and do your very best! :)


Will I survive living on my own?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
I'm in college right now, there are no dorms or housing options for me, I'm drowned in student loans and other debts that i can only pay a little at a time with a minimum wage job. I can't get two jobs since I'm in school and i need time for studies and to breathe. Mom's gonna kick me out... show more

Benefits UK?

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Do you think it's wrong that parents who don't get benefits are pretty much being punished if they're still on low income, I started college and my uniform will cost around £100 - £200 pounds but I'm also 18 and struggle like hell to get a job, have done for months so I can't pay for my uniform... show more

I am a freshman at my local community college. I currently have a child so I am ineligible to live on campus - I work part time but still recieve full financial aid. My financial aid covers all of my classes/textbooks. However, the cost of living in my state (NY) is extremely high and a part time job simply... show more

Do you ever donate to charity?

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Best answer: Yes! I have contributed to many charities over the years. Make sure you read about the effectiveness of charities before donating!

First I turned in the fafsa on time though I was missing one signature from my parents so I had to resubmit it, sadly I didn't see that they emailed me about it until a week after the due date, now they want to verify me if I'm an actual non-dependent, and they said I probably won't get grants for fall.... show more

Hello. I’m in a panic and need advice on what to do FAST. I go to community college and the semester starts in 2 days. This will be my 3rd semester here, and so far my financial aid has been able to cover all my classes. I made sure to apply for financial aid again back in February and it was received by my... show more

I am looking at graduate schools to attend and I have noticed that some universities have quarterly tuition. I've never come across this and can't find answers as to how I would find a total cost of attendance. Can someone just explain how I could find the total cost of attendance for a college that has... show more

How do you get cigarettes underage?

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I'm 16 and cant figure out how to get some... I have money soooo

My stepdad doesn’t want to put his info on there. What should I do?

I'm turning 18 in two months and I'm going to finish my A.A. next summer along and I'm also going to finish high school as well. My parents refuse to let me talk about the benefits of the school I want to go to, which is in Rhode Island. They're afraid because my boyfriend and I have similar career... show more

When my chiid begins college in 2 years we should be out of debt but our home equity should be about 5k. We've earned just a little over paycheck to paycheck income over the years. Example, if our home is worth 100k, and we have 5k equity, will they want us to take out a mortgage on that little 5k, or does the... show more