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How can I move out?...?

4 answers · 4 days ago
I'm 18 years old and just graduated high school. I'm going to college in the fall to become a respiratory therapist. I don't have good relationship with my mom or step dad or my siblings and it is a very toxic environment for me. I don't fit in and it's so uncomfortable to live here. My college... show more

Best answer: If the course is taught by the college you're attending, then yes. Otherwise, you'd have to wait until all your financial aid disburses for your college tuition and fees and book expenses and room and board if applicable. If there is leftover financial aid after the disbursement, then your college may issue... show more

Best answer: 29 months assuming that you get $10 today.

Best answer: NEEDLESS student loans are, indeed, "bullcrap" - and plenty of people borrow funds they shouldn t. But for those students who are borrowing what they need in order to obtain the education they want so they can live the life they want, student loans are an excellent option.

How to move out?

11 answers · 2 weeks ago
My parents have always shoved college down my throat, telling me to get a degree. I don't even know what I want to study. As a result, I feel like ive wasted two years and thousands of dollars and I just want to get out. I don't have anything in the bank, ive spent all my money trying to pay student loans... show more

My parents are telling me that they is a test you can take to get free money for college. They said it wasn’t FAFSA so I wasn’t sure what it is.

How can he cancel the loan he has not even used yet but signed the contract for it. He did everything on the fafsa page thing

Can i afford it?

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okay so... log story short, im 2 years away from graduating high school in scotland. o really REALLY want to go to university in america and join a sorority (and live in the sorority) i come from a very low icome family and i have several siblings who are all younger than me. is this gonna be possible for me at all... show more

Can I resend my fafsa to the college? I realize after a day that I answered a few questions wrong and want to fix it and resend it. But I read that there’s a 20K fine if you lie about your answers. It’s not that I lied but got really confused on some tough questions... so if I resend it, will I get in trouble? I’m... show more

Best answer: Of course. Anyone can apply. The eligibility rules go into effect AFTER you apply, to determine what you receive. By the way, you don't apply for the FAFSA. FAFSA is the application that you use to apply for financial aid. Saying that you are applying for fafsa is like saying you are applying for an... show more

School to help their parents?

Buying a car with Student Loans?

4 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: You can use your student loans to finance whatever you want, but it's mainly assumed that you'll be using it to finance your tuition, books, and rent. If you need a car, you can do it too. However, student loans are much higher interest rates than consumer loans. It would be better to have gotten a consumer... show more

How can I get instate tuition?

6 answers · 1 month ago
Can someone please explain the best way to fill out the residency determination site so I can get instate tuition,these college classes are killing me

Best answer: there’s this kid who fakes being black in our school and he had the same exact averages as me, yet he got into everything, of course...