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I think I have a plan to kill off video games. We need to call Sony and Microsoft to get them to stop making video games.

Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid? I found out I may have hypothyroid today, I also have a hard lump over my larynx, and feel like I have a tight throat, problems swallowing, and sometimes breathing. Does that sound like thyroid cancer to you?

Best answer: Yes and no. You were not wrong to try and set boundaries, but the way you went about it was cowardly and spiteful. You WERE wrong to say that someone could attend, but then to say they would be treated differently from the other guests and subjected to rudeness. When setting boundaries, you need to say... show more

I have Asperger's Syndrome ( which is a form of Autism) and in the past years, I've experienced a lot of hostility towards me. At school, college and even at work. A few co-workers had been really rude because I couldn't understand everything they said. I've read other stories, watched videos and... show more

Best answer: Throwing in women has to do with feminism. Feminists made clear to gaming companies in the late nineties that leaving out female characters was sexist and wouldn't be tolerated. So you started to get games made for male gamers that had female characters crammed in them that were in many cases put in masculine... show more

What does it mean?

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Best answer: Ghosting means that they won't reply to your messages anymore. So hopefully you don't make them mad!

Best answer: don't get mad, who cares how you met, they are probably just jealous because they have crappy relationships

Best answer: Not directly but bad diet puts a person at a higher risk of several disease but usually start with type 2 diabetes which then puts you at a higher risk of cancers and heart disease

I have known some people with autism and some of them were on weird restrictive diets. Why is this?

I just had the basic test for autism with my GP and it turns out that as far as the test goes it doesn't look like i'm autistic. I went after talking to a councillor about how i believe i think and feel differently from ordinary people, she thought it likely i had high functioning autism and said that... show more