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The building my lessons are in has no lift and the toilet is on the bottom floor where I'm on the very top floor for lessons. Would it be alright to take 1 or 2 days off college if I'm having really bad stomach cramps. Also what would you say to the tutor as to why you're off would you tell them the... show more

Best answer: When it comes to your children and can never be too careful!

I've been offered a job at a school in China to teach English, I'm just starting my second year of a nursing degree, should I take a gap year and try teaching?

Do I have the right to be mad?

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Best answer: By the time you're in college, you're considered old enough to sort out your own problems, and not go running to the teacher. Ignore them.

Best answer: Because this "board" is packed with Republican Fundies, who were given their seats as direct payoffs for support.

How is it my problem that the USA allows girls to attend school dressed as wh0res, and boys to attend school dressed as lowly, street level wannabe gangsters of the modern Black type ? How is it my problem that school students have the freedom of speech to spread ideology with, before they understand the actual... show more

Best answer: It's not wrong at all. You already made it clear that you're a quitter so why would your teacher want to take up with you again. It's not always a matter of money; it's much more a matter of dedication and seriousness, which you seem to lack. I'm sure you will thumb me down - go right ahead -... show more

Best answer: ive seen that once and Of course i said nothing at the time...however being older now I realize that is unacceptable/. If i found out someone did this to my kids now i would bring a foghorn to that classroom and blow it right in the teahers ear and asked how she liked it

Best answer: You square up to that mo fo and pimp slap them

Theres a group chat where all students including him are in where everyone exchanged happy new year wishes ... he did as well( jewish new years was yesterday) then i get a personal message from him 2 hours later wishing me the best with my studies, health.... etc. Am i reading too much into this? Or is this normal?

Or just very hard work?

Hi! So for our sophomore projects my English teacher is getting us to prepare by assigning us homework to brainstorm our ideas, and I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of something that really matters to me that I could write about. My eighth grade year was really stressful, and I developed a bit of an eating... show more

Is it because they expect the kids to be perfect and if they mess up they're the worst person in the world? because teachers are not human?

Am I wrong for being mad?

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I am a 2nd year masters student, and I was told last semester that I would be receiving a graduate assistantship which would entail teaching undergraduate classes in my department. I did not hear from my department until the Friday before school starting when I found out what classes I would be teaching. After... show more

Last semester, I finished my practicum as a part of my college courses toward becoming a teacher. My experience wasn't great and really hurt my confidence about my ability to teach. I enjoyed working with students one-on-one to help them with their work, and interacting with them in general, but instructing... show more

Why do they do this at school?

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Best answer: You don't know what you might use. Many students DO find that they use many things they were taught in high school. What's more, everything you study trains and disciplines your mind in ways you are going to need, whether you realize it now or not. I am a historian, but I am very grateful that I studied... show more

So I’ve been wondering what jobs are there besides teaching jobs can you get with a major in early childhood education because I really don’t want to be a teacher. I wanted to know if I should change my major I would like to work with newborns - 3 year olds