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Many people choose to collect social security benefits at full retirement age, which is 67 for most people. You can also take early benefits at 62 which is a lower monthly payment, or wait until age 70 or 75 and get more per month. But let's say I retire at 62. And to be clear, social security will NOT be my... show more

Why do doctors have kids so late?

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Or are most people calm and composed right after these unpleasant circumstances?

I’ve loved computers and the idea of programming and learning how games are made and software since I was 10 years old but my downfall is I’m not the best at mathematics. Could this hold me down or is it doable? I’m trying to change my major from marketing to this

It is important for children to know what the abuse is. I learn about holocaust during history class. I would like to see federal funding goes to the education to prevent child abuse. Teaching children in schools about sexual abuse may help them report abuse.

Best answer: Wait til the end of the week. Usually they don't call the ones they aren't hiring but sometimes they didn't get the right people and extend the interviewing.

I know the address and their last name. Thanks!

Amazon help?

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Best answer: they can't be judgemental against you like that because you didn't keep amazon prime. you're still using their site and being a customer. you could call your card too, just to verify there is enough funds and it's not frozen or anything like that. there should be a 800 number you can call. then... show more


Best answer: When I was 24, Jimmy Carter was President. He was such a shitty President, I became a lifelong Republican.

Best answer: Please make your question more clear.

Best answer: There is a difference between downloading free music and downloading music for free, if you know what I mean. If the music is free, then you can share it with a free conscience, but if you got it for free then you can still share it but your conscience might nag you.

Best answer: Tell them if its not taken off your credit and stop bothering you then your going to sue. And as ling as you have proof you paid do it if they don't

Best answer: A will is generally written in a way that does not allow this to happen. So, for example, a person might state that his house goes to Miss Shackup per stirpes. That would mean that if Miss Shackup dies before the person who made the will her descendents will receive whatever was to come to her. Otherwise the... show more

Do mean girls exist?

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Best answer: Yes, definitely. They’re kind of rare, only to be found in cities where parents usually have lots of money and spoil them rotten. That’s how they’re snobby. I work with a girl like that. Lucky I’m never scheduled with her, but I always hear complaints from management.