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What shall I call my magazine?

6 answers · 5 months ago
It is a pop music magazine for mainly girls aged 14-18.

Whats the best kunchry in the world?

5 answers · 6 months ago

iv been seeing constantly people wearing the hoodies and shirts. and i thought it was a rock band, and i started getting annoyed because i saw people that i know, don t listen to anything close to rock wearing that merch. i googled it and it s a skating magazine? and the main ones wearing the merch don t even... show more

Can there be a school bus magazine?

3 answers · 6 months ago
Best answer: Apparently.

How can i sell photos to magazines?

7 answers · 6 months ago
how can i sell my nature photos to magazines so make a little bit of money?

I’m talking about all of Europe not just the UK

Set of 1999 playboy price?

2 answers · 7 months ago


5 answers · 7 months ago

Will Barbie exist in 10 years?

8 answers · 8 months ago
Best answer: Miss "I have to be pretty and popular and wear makeup and look perfect in my unrealistically skinny, plastic, modified waist so every other girl can feel bad about themselves and feel inferior to me even though it's all FAKE." Look around you. Barbie is everywhere and will not be going away anytime... show more

City or Countryside?

11 answers · 8 months ago
Where do you/would prefer to live

What age do you stop getting carded?

3 answers · 8 months ago