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Best answer: noiwillnotuserandomletterbutiwilrefuseto...

Have you ever been gay?

9 answers · 2 months ago

Especially when offered an opportunity, and they respond with “I’m not cut out/qualified for it/it would be wasted on me but thanks”

Saan pwede mag papali ng ckeke?

5 answers · 2 months ago

Do you let you kids be naked?

7 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: We are nudists, so yes. What is the point of teaching them to be ashamed of their own bodies and their own self?

Best answer: Meagan Trainer wouldn't fit on a BILLBOARD..... And Taylor Swift would need to be a POP UP to be able to be SEEN!......😂😂😂😂

Best answer: I think he's known for the first man to rum the four minute mile and as a great orator. He also won the strong man contest and was one of the best iron men to exist.

Best answer: No. I'd think he just watched the dang movie 'Home Alone'.

Best answer: My opinions have mainly been confirmed. "GQ" is another Lunatic Left propaganda mill. I recall that it disgusted me by writing horrible things about an actor who had just died. More recently, it gave an award to ColonCancer Kaeperdick who deserves his butt kicked, rather than any awards.... show more

Fashion magazine name idea?

6 answers · 2 months ago
Hi I need a name for a fashion magazine for a story I'm writing any ideas? ( Preferably nothing with daily, weekly or times on the end)

Is Swiss roll not your favorite cake?

11 answers · 3 months ago
Best answer: No, it isn't. Spice cake is

Best answer: No, Orange juice ~ R