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Would you rather go through life heartless or brainless?

37 answers · Other - Switzerland · 4 days ago

Why does life begin at conception when sperm is life?

28 answers · Quang Binh · 3 days ago

My dog died today and I am very sad?

11 answers · Chiang Mai · 3 days ago
Someone who can cheer me up?

Since they can get higher prices for it NZ?

Can scientists feel emotions?

8 answers · Malaga · 5 days ago
Best answer: No. They are not human. Scientists were built by other scientists way back when, starting in the fifties. Every year another generation is built and they keep getting better.

Best answer: AH but you miss the point, it is compulsory to use race if it gets you ahead. Look at all the quotas that companies have to fill, earlier today the rail unions were bemoaning the fact that only 8% of their drivers are ethnic minorities. Look at all the positive discrimination to get ethnics into university even if... show more

Which of these places have you been ?

11 answers · San Francisco · 6 days ago
Las Vegas New York Boston San Francisco Los Angeles Santa Barbara, CA Malibu, CA Phoenix Scottsdale Carmel, CA Solvang, CA Sedona, AR Paris, France Disneyland Paris, Ardeche, France Sorrento, Italy Naples Pompeii Capri London, UK York Bath Edinburgh Harrogate Tenerife Cologne, Germany Amsterdam,... show more

Why do crocodiles walk so gayly?

11 answers · Vadodara · 6 days ago
They walk like they got there nails done or something

Why does crocodiles walk so gayly?

6 answers · Reimes · 5 days ago

Is it bad to give up on someone who’s too shy?

21 answers · Chiang Rai · 2 weeks ago
theres this guy who supposedly likes me but he only speaks to me “sometimes” I see him prepping up himself to talk to me but it never happens.. it does feel good to have someone like you but it sucks still remaining single and not ever getting to know that person personally ..hoping that one day things will change... show more

Is America an Empire to truly be feared?

8 answers · Washington, D.C. · 1 week ago
Best answer: They are if you are a country who messes with them with no advanced weapons, millions of trained soldiers, and a nuclear warhead.

House for sale quadradonna@yahoo.co?

6 answers · Other - Local Businesses · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: Centrelink has ruined Australia. Bludgers like Old Parasite only think of themselves.

I'm too curious for my own good, ain't I?

Are we actually 9 months older than we are?

12 answers · Bangalore · 3 weeks ago

Best answer: As an international student contact student services at the University as they will have details of landlords for student rentals and be able to act as a verifier for you, as a credit/background check is unlikely to be done and no guarantor in another county will be accepted... The 'norm' is proof on... show more