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My mom has schizophrenia, bi polar, OCD, PTSD, whatever else u can think of and she is OBSESSED. She has made her problems her and not just a part of her. She posts nothing but things about her disorders on Facebook that bluntly say she's a victim of this and that and it's annoying. She's never worked... show more

Asking your parents for gifts?

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Best answer: As you indicate that you don't normally expect gifts or financial help from your parents, I don't think it would be such a bad thing to ask now. Always ask respectfully and anticipate refusal, so that you don't become angry if they don't want to help. But it would help if you gave some explanation... show more

Men: Would you date a woman with short hair?

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My girlfriend cheated on me with a guy she met at a bar. And I know the bar and it’s a bar where lots of guys go to who look for hook ups. He bought her a drink and then another and then another and she told me he said he thought she was beautiful and asked her if she wanted to go back to his place and they kissed... show more

Best answer: Definitely get away from the negativity and get yourself tested please. Remember the cheating probably doesn't have much to do with you and regardless if the excuses you deserve better. I know it will hurt because you have invested a great deal of time a trust, but at most take it one day at a time. At the end... show more

Are you well behaved?

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My name is Queenstar Betty Amoah, I am a 26 year old Ghanaian female, and I am a good girl because I don't smoke, I don't drink alcohol, and I don't do drugs. I don't have any sexually transmitted diseases. I graduated High School and obtained a Diploma. I have never been married before in my entire... show more

What does it mean if an attractive women prefers to be single?

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What should i do?

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I saw a friends penis at the gym showers and now i feel very awkward.

Why is my dad so annoying and retarded?

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I’m 16! I’m an adult! He won’t let me go to my boyfriends house tonight because he thinks I’m going to have sex with him. He’s having a birthday party for another friend and I know his friend and we’re good friends. My dad thinks I’m just going to have sex with him! It’s completely unfair!

Why are you ANSWERING questions in the Singles & Dating Category?

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What makes you an expert on this

I've been married sixteen years. Two kids, nice house, and very financially stable. We have a good sex life, don't fight a lot and spend a lot of quality time together. But I came across an old journal of hers, and while skimming, I came across a journal entry for two days after our wedding, where she was... show more

Opened condom wrapper found in my car?

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It turned up today. I don't understand how it got there. It was a Chinese branded Durex wrapper. I photographed the evidence. My marriage has been rocky recently. I questioned my wife and she categorically denied knowing how it got there. She found the whole thing amusing. Claimed her colleague drove the car.... show more

Best answer: It's called "the curse of affluence".. As societies "advance" economically, values shift from family and community to individual financial status, especially among the middle class... high school kids are obsessed with getting into college specifically to get high-paying jobs... college... show more

What is your typical day like?

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Best answer: If she really wanted grandchildren, she should have increased her odds by having more children herself. There is a percentage of people who never marry and a percentage who do marry but for any of several reasons are childless. Some become alienated for a variety of reasons. By raising only one child, she took... show more

What should I make of this response from my husband?

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Best answer: The fact that he clearly is attracted to her, at least a little bit, doesn't make it necessarily the reason he suggested her. If she was previously your sitter, it would only make sense to think of her as a possibility again. That having been said, the fact that your husband, even jokingly, expressed an... show more

Old man winked at me!?

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I'm in my teens and I was spinning around in the grocery store and this old man winked at me. I kept looking behind me and he was staring at me. What does the mean?