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What kind of pet do you have?

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Do dogs have brains?

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Is it wrong to hit your dog/puppy?

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A couple months ago I got a dog. I live with my parents and siblings. I am the youngest. My family thinks that hitting the dog is a good idea. I know everyone has their own opinions but I personally don’t think it’s a good idea. When i talk about it they say I’m acting stupid and it’s the only way the dog will... show more

How to apologize to neighbors?

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My mother went out to water her plants and my dog ran out and my neighbors were outside with their doberman, i don’t know exactly what happened at first but my mom called me over and my chihuahua was barking at the dog while one of them held it and mine even went to bite the dogs behind. the one holding their dog... show more

can you give me advice on how we should do this, what difficulties they may be, and the best time.

I hear all the time that you should never buy puppies that have been bred and you should adopt from a shelter instead. I actually had a pretty heated argument with my cousin about this when her family came over last weekend. I think that any dog should be adopted no matter where they are from, especially puppies... show more

Cats are unique that you can allow them to run around free and they come back home. If you kill my cat because it's in your yard, you are an awful person and guess what? If I lose a cat, I'll get another cat and let it roam too.

Pug or beagle? (Not hounds)?

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Wich dog is overall better for a house dog

Yeah you know I need to take my cat with me on a flight but the airline wants to charge me $125.00 which is ridiculous because the cat won't even his own seat. What do I have to say so that they think he's a support animal?

My Horse Is Walking Backwards?!?!?

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Best answer: Your horse is lacking a solid forward cue. Or, she is quite a bit more upset about the situation she is in (leaving the barn and her friends) than you realize. I would go back to basics and ground school with her to establish a solid forward on the ground in the arena then advance to that same work out in the... show more

Best answer: No. That just being a cat. Let them work it out.

How to stop dog going to the neighbors?

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I have a 3 year old Labrador and she has many naughty behaviours, but one of our main problems is she always goes under our fence and to the neighbors house! She chases their horses and damages their garden and at this point the neighbors are getting angry. We live on a large block of land so our fence is too long... show more

My stepsister is 26 and has a beautiful husky. He's a sweet dog but has a lot of energy like most Huskies do. She, and her dog, have been staying with us since her mom kicked her out, and the dog spends most of the day in the cage. We've tried letting him out alongside our dog but he rips up the carpet and... show more

Would you like a puppy and a newborn baby?

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Why does my cat sleep on top of me?

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Best answer: he trusts you. if you are his caretaker, he may have a "motherly" attachment to you. my cat doesn't sleep on top of me, but he will sleep next to me, practically spooning with me at night.