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Have you ever seen the ocean in real life?

182 answers · Air Travel · 3 days ago

Is it hard to drive from Florida to California?

10 answers · Other - United States · 9 hours ago

Best answer: 100% yes. Hillary won literally every other group, and usually by large margins, in 2016, and Trump remains deeply unpopular with all those groups

Denver vs Phoenix for a single guy 31 years old.?

5 answers · Other - United States · 19 hours ago
Which city overall would be a better relocation don’t want to move around a lot wanna settle down what city has a better promising future ?

Could I bribe them?

Which country are you in right now?

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Why aren't American towns more walkable?

20 answers · New York City · 3 days ago
In Europe you can walk to everything you need. Pharmacy, movie theater, groceries, bars, corner store, clothing store, etc. In America you have to drive everywhere. Nothing is within walking distance. In Europe there are bike paths and side walks to take. Getting outside is good for your health and interacting with... show more

What is more important for achieving goals: motivation or discipline?

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Best answer: Discipline. Motivation comes and goes. You need discipline to keep going when the motivation is gone.

I checked into a hotel today, but the attendant didn't have me sign anything. He just gave me a room key. I did call ahead yesterday and made the reservation. I don't recall ever not signing something when checking into a hotel.

True or false: you were born in Budapest, Hungary?

23 answers · Other - Austria · 5 days ago
Best answer: False, but my great grandfather on my dad's side was born near Budapest.

Price of a Week long trip to New York City!?

9 answers · New York City · 1 day ago
My wife and I want to take a trip to New York with our 2 year old daughter. We want to know the price of the trip but have no idea what all to add into it. Of course the hotel and site seeing, but how much does it cost to visit each site(if it costs any at all.) also how expensive would food be in NY for a week?... show more

Do Somali immigrants in Sweden speak good Swedish?

11 answers · Other - Europe · 2 days ago

Best Buffets in Las Vegas - worth the price?

8 answers · Las Vegas · 1 day ago
I am going to Las Vegas in about a month, and I was wondering what the best buffets you would recommend. I know this question has been asked before, but I am wondering, is the expensive buffets worth it? I don't mind spending the money for one night, but if it is not worth it, and I could buy a cheaper meal... show more

Is it too late for me to travel?

6 answers · Air Travel · 10 hours ago
There a concert on next friday and i didnt book my flight is it possible for me to still go?

What is England renowned for around the world?

10 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 2 days ago
Best answer: Murder torture and invasions

Tips on planing a trip out the country?

7 answers · Other - United Kingdom · 1 day ago
I’ve finally saved enough money to go to Scotland and I want to go next summer. I know the basic stuff like booking a flight and hotel. Are there any other things I need to know to make it easier? Also if you’ve been to Scotland- what are some nice things to do/ places to visit?

What are the stipulations

What's the general consensus on the British Empire in Australia?

13 answers · Other - Australia · 4 days ago
Mostly positive or negative?