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Best answer: Norway

Best answer: No this is a bad excuse, and these people are liars. Anyone that actually believes what they say is an idiot.

Do they?

Where would you rather live Washington State or South Carolina?

9 answers · Other - United States · 3 days ago
Best answer: Depends if you like many days of light rain or a few days of extremely heavy rain. Air is cleaner as it blows off the Ocean in Everett. Both are nice depends on what is you plan to do when not on the job. The frequent things. Everett not as hot in the summer. Are you sure exactly where your work place will be?... show more

Do you support Israel or Palestine?

38 answers · Israel · 4 days ago
My class was having a discussion. Who do you support? Please tell me why.

Is Detroit a good place to visit for vacation?

15 answers · Detroit · 2 days ago

What’s life like in America?

13 answers · Other - United States · 3 days ago
Is it easy to get a job? What’s tax rates like? Are the people friendly? Where’s the best place to move (I am talking about the United States of America). Do you have a lot of freedoms because apparently it’s one of the freest nations in the world. I’m planning on moving from London because it’s miserable here.

Best answer: All of them? No. There are many Palestinians who pose no threat to Jews, and quite a few who wish nothing but peace themselves. However, there are some Palestinians who are legitimate threats, given their support for terrorism and vocal wish and active willingness to kill all Israeli Jews (and sometimes it seems... show more

How would you personally define holiness if you did not use a dictionary?

7 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 7 hours ago
Best answer: It's the purity that is in God and all of His creation.

Best answer: Princess Anne would win by a landslide, Charles is too old and dodery, Wills is too lazy and naive, and the rest arn't worth even considering, plus Anne's lovely pretty face would look so much better on our coins, stamps and banknotes than wrinkly old Chas.

How do you boil an egg?

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