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My cable tv box remote suddenly stopped controlling my tv's volume. It was working fine one day, then not working the next day. I've tried resetting the remote and reselecting that it control the volume according to the instructions provided by the cable company (Optimum) but no luck. Any suggestions?

Diect TV question?

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Best answer: Nonsense. The TV brand does not matter. As long as it has a suitable input socket then it will work with the hotel TV system. The real problem for the hotel is that your own TV will not have the volume-limiting restriction which hotel TVs usually have to reduce noise disturbance to other residents. For... show more

TV repair issue?

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Best answer: you should have enough knowledge and experience to repair it .... also some testing instruments .... such as oscilloscope ... we cannot distinguish an electronic component if it is ok or bad by looking ... in mechanics it is possible ... a broken tooth of a gear .. i ask you how you can test a diode if it is ok or... show more

My tv is buzzing?

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I want to drop Cablevision, along with my landline and get Verizon FiOS just for tv, and use T-Mobile for internet service for my cell and tablet. I really annoys me that Altice, a foreign company, took over Cablevision, lied about not laying off workers in their contract with Cablevision, and now are gouging... show more

if i buy a 'hdmi switch' will the thing operate correctly for me?

Will my tv work in Europe (220v)?

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I have a Sony television that I plan to move from the U.S. to Europe, where the voltage in the country i'm going is 220v. The label behind tv states: 110v~240v 50/60HZ. Does this mean I only need plug adapter and not converter?

Foolishly I broke a CRT TV screen in my basement about a year ago. I opened a window, left the room, cleaned it up after a few minutes and moved it out of the house. I then left the house for a few hours. I held my breath when it first happened so I don’t think I breathed anything in, but my concern is that toxic... show more

Found a cut cable running up the side of my house to what looks like a tv aerial on the roof (not sure as it’s 3 storey house in flats and we live at bottom). It contains three pairs of wires in alternate blue, -white, green-white and orange-white striping. The lower end goes to a socket in my living room that... show more

Vizio tv login error 1240?

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I have an old. Emachine note book with a female VGA exit....can I just buy a VGA to HDMI cable and plug it into my TV. Or is it more complicated than that? Thanks

So i awoke to my tv on this morning which was weird since i didnt turn it on. I decided to ask my dad if he did but he denied it and my mom didnt do it either. If i had done it that is slightly inpoddible because i have a direct tv remote and whoever is out there who ahs it onow that you must slide the option... show more

I bought a 32" samsung TV model UN32EH4003 in 2013 so it's 5 years old. The other afternoon it was working fine turned it off for a few hours came back turned the tv with my Ps4 heard sound but had no picture. just a blank black screen. I can't use the remote because i can't see anything. I have no... show more

Best answer: This looks like it should be suitable.

Best answer: for simplifying ... on composite signal (yellow), there are signal Y and signal COLOR on component signals, the green is only signal Y without color signal so we can use the green instead of the yellow but no color today the green is substituted with the yellow , when the blue and the red loaded ( using component)... show more