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Where can I cancel an order?

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moving with my daughter and no longer need a phone

My company has been paying me a phone allowance of $60 for the last three years. My current phone bill is $120. The company has demanded that I relinquish my phone number to them, And that they would provide me with another company issued phone number. I only use my personal telephone for work calls during... show more

Best answer: We still have a landline, packaged in with cable and internet. And when the power goes out and you can't charge your cell phone, it's sure handy.

These are the settings on my fax machine. What does "auto answer on" mean?

Best answer: In UK whether listed or unlisted is a preference with no charge (you may have to pay if you want extra phone books but who does these days) Directory enquiries is generally chargeable but if you have a disability (sight, manual dexterity issues etc) that prevents reading phonebook you can get free directory enquiries. show more

Best answer: 3 things.. first.. ask them not to call back again and to remove your name from their calling list (some countries do have laws in that regards).. second.. you either hang-up immediately or.. if you are on a land-line or if you have enough battery left on your mobile-phone (cellphone), simply mute the call and... show more

Best answer: I believe in Medicare/Medicade for (listen closely) US CITIZENS THAT NEED IT. US CITIZENS THAT NEED IT. If they Dems want to look after non-US citizens, they should set up a private fund. I try to avoid Yahoo News as it's the internet's version of MSNBC. (:

There s a "company" that s been calling around 200 times a day from various numbers which none are real, they never leave a name or contact info and refuse to tell me a company name. I ve added every number to my auto reject list but they still show up on my call log

Best answer: nope, I only answer from numbers I have in my contacts. If the call is important they can leave a message, so far very few have and those that did were scammers

Best answer: Turn off your phone at bedtime.