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Is it safe to use unsecured WiFi?

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Best answer: Because ANYBODY can edit Wikipedia pages, for example I could change the article on the Solar System to say "The Solar System is just over eight miles wide and contains fifty-thousand planets, each one is inhabited by a difference species of sentient rabbit." Even excluding such obvious vandalism, many... show more

Why can't the internet break or die?

8 answers · Computer Networking · 2 days ago
Best answer: "internet" is an abstract concept. it is an INTERconnected NETwork of computers. just like the phone network doesn't break or die just because you cannot place a call.

My computer have a virus?

32 answers · Security · 4 days ago

Why is my storage so low?

8 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 day ago
My laptop (a HP) has 30 gigabytes of storage in total and I only have 2 gigabytes free, yet I've only downloaded two things on it that equal 1 gigabyte when combined. Is there anything I can do to fix this and what is causing it?

I was thinking Avast or Malwarebytes but I heard the reviews were bad on Malwarebytes

What is the difference between Internet and Wifi?

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Is facebook down?

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People getting me different answers on what kind a antivirus protection and malware protection some say defender and use malarebytes for malware but some say defender is not good so I look Avast antivirus protection they say is ok but is bulky and buggy but I don't know what to use

How are videos from before the internet on the internet?

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Forgot my router password! How do I reset?

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What are you going to use Chrome or Firefox?

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What is facebook?

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Does Avast slow down your computer?

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I know I need a virus protection for my windows 10 computer even tho it does have defender but people say is sucks but im just going to do social network YouTube mainly so I was thinking Free Avast virus protection

Can you get someone's IP address from Yahoo?

9 answers · Security · 3 days ago
Best answer: I seriously doubt it. If they're a world class hacker then it's a possibility. But generally speaking and outside of Yahoo only law enforcement can get it. I wouldn't worry about it. I would think a world class hacker would have something better to do than hang out here.

I need help with cyber security?

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Do you have any advice? What if it was damaged during delivery but the damage is internal and it can't be seen and isn't detectable until long after I'm able to return it?