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Could you live without your phone and PC/laptop?

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Is this true about windows 10?

14 answers · Software · 4 days ago
i asked a question about what to expect with windows 10 when i have it installed later in the year...i still have a windows 7 desktop computer and i plan to have windows 10 put on a separate hard drive in this computer so i have the two operating systems in one computer......but when i asked about windows 10 and... show more

Serious question regarding PING while online gaming?

10 answers · Computer Networking · 4 days ago
I see alot of people saying bandwith or the speed of internet does not have any effect the ping So, can someone explain me why 1) Korea - USA (6563miles) - 150ms ping 2) Nepal - Singapore (2275miles) - 110ms ping Both the servers located on USA and SINGAPORE are of same quality. So, if its not the speed of... show more

How to fix my printer?

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Does anyone else notice the hypocricy of older people ?

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Complain about technology while using apps like facebook hahahaha. Give me,a break.

Where is the wireless icon located?

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Laptop advice?

6 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 19 hours ago
So I m buying a laptop for college, I have a budget of around 1350, and I d like something with some power. I do a little gaming every now and then. It would also be nice to have something with relatively good battery life. If it could run Skyrim or fallout it would probably be powerful enough. Also- it would be... show more

How to download widows media player in windows 11?

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For example, if someone just takes college classes then comes home and watches TV or hangs out with friends, they probably won't get a job as a Software Developer. Since the job market is competitive and lots of people have Computer Science degrees. Do you agree with what I've said or not really?

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Is it possible to learn multiple skills and retain them?

6 answers · Programming & Design · 1 day ago
As the question says Is it possible to learn multiple things and retain the knowledge of them? I am interested in learning different things For example, 3D Modelling, A new programming language,Web development,Photoshop etc Is it possible to do all this?

Is the owner of website responsible for what users do on his website?

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For example, the creator or Silk Road is in prison. Does that mean a creator of a website is obligated to monitor the activity of everyone who uses his website?

I have a Samsung Odyssey laptop, pre-owned, had it for 2 years no issues. Recently I've been having a problem where when I play games the screen either becomes distorted or black. With one game, it freezes up after a while and theres red lines on the screen. With the other one the screen just goes black. To... show more

Trying to copy 4000 or so photos (130G) into my a hard drive (4TB). In the File Explorer, the property of the drive shows more than 3TB free space. Yet, I get error message saying I need 60GB more free space. Why?

Does Photoshop have a free trial?

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