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MicroSD card wont work?

8 answers · Add-ons · 3 days ago
It was working fine, now it doesn't work at all. When I put it in nothing happens. I tried 2 different computers and I put it in my phone but nothing happens like I never put one in. How do I fix it plz I had a lot of important stuff in that card

I live in the northeast but will be traveling to Florida next week and will still be working from my laptop. I will need to print documents to my office in the northeast for my employees. Is there a way to print from anywhere? I have a wireless Canon MF733Xdw printer and a Dell laptop. Any advice would be helpful.... show more

Best CPU for LGA775 Socket?

4 answers · Desktops · 1 day ago

How much ram?

5 answers · Desktops · 3 days ago
Best answer: According to HP's page, it supports up to 8 GB of DDR2 RAM running at 800 Mhz. Though since that computer is over a decade old, it probably really isn't worth upgrading to that much.

What would be a great tablet to play games on?

6 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago

Best answer: Any of the FX-83xx processors would be just fine. You'll get 8-cores, and plenty of multitasking juice. Modern games are becoming more multithreaded, thanks to AMD Ryzen processors, and Intel trying to compete against them. So these older AMD processors are also benefiting from the war. I own a system with an... show more

Can I keep any files on my second monitor?

5 answers · Monitors · 5 days ago
As the title suggests: if I put some files on my second monitor, then turn off my computer and turn it on again, will the files still be there?

Is there a way to convert HDMI to RGB SCART?

4 answers · Monitors · 5 days ago
Best answer: See http://www.grandbeing.biz/product/HS0101... and review the manual http://www.grandbeing.biz/Manual/HS0101-... The converter is HDMI 1.3 compatible, supports deep color, and input resolutions from 480i to 1080p.

Best answer: Most likely the pump has failed, no repair is possible, the pump must be replaced, if it is a sealed unit then the whole unit has to be replaced.

My husband recently built a new pc. It can run the Witcher on max settings no problem. It can also run Metro on full, no problem. However anything that is CPU based runs TERRIBLE!!! It is really choppy and laggy. Another issue he is having is that the network card keeps failing and he has to uninstall and... show more

I know that it's a stupid question, but I felt like I just had to ask to have sure! ;)

I was drying my hair and some water landed on my laptop?

5 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 week ago
Best answer: should be fine. unless you have an extremely large amount of hair hat poured on like a gallon or more of water.

Are laptops capable of exploding and catching fire?

4 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 7 days ago
Best answer: Yes, it's possible if the laptop has a poor quality battery, or a charging circuit that is poor quality or malfunctioning. Lithium Ion batteries can explode and catch fire if overcharged or if they develop an internal short circuit which builds up a ton of heat. Also, if the cells in the battery get punctured... show more

Where is the enter key on samsung tablets?

4 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 week ago

Can I get a Apple Watch series 3 screen fixed?

4 answers · Other - Hardware · 1 week ago
I accidentally dropped my apple watched and the whole screen is totaled. It’s unresponsive and the screen is kinda popping out. Do local stores fix the screen or would I have to buy another one

How to I stop getting computer interference on my FM radio?

4 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 1 week ago
The interference is caused my having a laptop computer near to the radio. Yes, move the laptop, but that's not an option, nor is move the radio. Please don't suggest either of those! Also please don't suggest pull the computer mains lead out! That does solve the problem, but I'm trying to... show more

Will the psu fry my monitor?

4 answers · Desktops · 1 week ago
Best answer: Well most likely the PSU shouldn't fry the 'monitor' As the monitor if you are talking about connecting that to a Video card or video port of the computer system (new build). However if you did drop the PSU, it is potentially a possibility that there could be something damaged inside of it. Hard to... show more

I'm having trouble, when I try to change it, I barely can get it back working to 802.11b. When I change it to the other modes, it lags, mostly freezes and I can get it barely back working, at least on 802.11b