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Has my facebook acc been hacked?

12 answers · Facebook · 19 hours ago

What kind of videos do you watch on youtube?

13 answers · YouTube · 2 days ago

Why is the internet full of ****?

11 answers · Other - Internet · 1 day ago
I can’t find happiness on the internet. What The internet DOES have is not interesting to me. I don’t like it

Best answer: Nope. God, I forgot that game existed.

Best answer: bring it up to a counselor at the school. or a district official.

Whats a Millennial?

9 answers · Google · 4 days ago
Best answer: Someone born early 80s to late 90s. 1981 to can go up to 1999.

Best answer: if youre asking this question nnaybe you should see a counselor and get sonne help

Should I let my 13yr old son watch spongebob?

4 answers · YouTube · 1 day ago
Best answer: I watched it and turned out normal

Should I start my own youtube channel?

6 answers · YouTube · 2 days ago
Even side I was 17 I have always wanted to start my own youtube channel but I have been To scared to do so. I have been leaving It for the past 5 years because I am really scared to start my channel in case I fail and people will bully me for having a channel If you have a youtube channel or do not have a... show more

Can you delete my face book acct?

7 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago

Does this mean someone looks at my Facebook a lot?

5 answers · Facebook · 2 days ago
I never like any of his status but once in a blue moon... we never talk... and when I go to my friends list he’s alwahs the first one. ?? Does that mean they look at my profile the most? Or a lot? He never likes anything I post ?

Anybody had problems with Firefox being sluggish, or crashing?

6 answers · Other - Internet · 5 days ago
Best answer: Good God has this forum actually started working again? The last version of Firefox that actually worked was 3.6 23 as far as I can remember, then that was bettered by IE 10 and Mozilla tried to catch up with it and eventually got very picky about add-ons for security reasons. My Firefox actually uninstalled itself... show more

Is Facebook going out of business?

5 answers · Facebook · 5 days ago

Okay so whats the best browser?

7 answers · Other - Internet · 1 week ago
Best answer:   .   Well, you have system browsers, like MS Edge for windows, or Safari for Apple, and Chrome for Google or Android , Still Firefox from Mozilla is popular, and Opera has some merit for diversity, So you have to find one for your OS system that works and is up to date with modern security standards, Back then... show more

Best answer: So where did you get this tidbit of information? That's kind of like predicting flying cars.

Will the internet ever be replaced by something else?

4 answers · Other - Internet · 1 week ago

Certain websites are loadings REALLY slowly.?

6 answers · Other - Internet · 1 week ago
I am having issues on my desktop computer, in which no matter which broswer I use (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) certain websites, mainly social media ones like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, take forever to load to the point where I can't really use them. Every other website I go on works perfectly fine, even... show more

Instagram account question!!?

5 answers · Other - Internet · 1 week ago
So a long time ago when me and my bf started dating we had social media and for the better of our relationship we decided to get rid of it. I deleted his instagram account completely and he actually let me keep mine becuz of all family pics so i do hwve my account. When i go on my account to look at old pics of my... show more