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Could you live without your phone and PC/laptop?

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Best answer: Mike for Atheist Pope 2020

Facebook login?

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What does it mean?

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Best answer: Technically no one should be requesting to be friends unless they actually know the person they're requesting to be friends with because it is a violation. The person who said that may be open to accepting friends from strangers, but only if they're nice and polite

Best answer: So sorry to hear about your Brother Passing away You have to Complete a Special Form to have it Deleted You will need to Show them Proof of the Death here is a Link that Explains Everything that you need Once you have the Documents Ready go... show more

Who still uses myspace?

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Buying a YouTube account?

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Im 17 and im trying to make some money and find ways to make money so I thought a good idea would be to buy a YouTube channel or even an Instagram page with a significant amount of followers and then reach out to big brands to be sponsored and stuff like that. But I was just wondering what can I do to make sure the... show more

Is Facebook creepy?

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Best answer: Dear, Oh it is ! Especially the “Suggested friends” part of the feed . I once got the sales person who sold my car as my Suggested friend. I mean , I dont even know his name. I dont have his name in any of my emails. I have met him once, when I bought my car . Thats it ! How did facebook pull his profile, is beyond... show more

What does it mean?

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Best answer: That means he will report you as spam for sending him an unsolicited friend request.

Is the internet less free now than it used to be?

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Best answer: I get where you are coming from, and I liked those days, especially since the crowd that had access to it was more limited and had more of a desire to help each other. That said the amount of legal "free" content on places like you-tube or other free streaming services feels infinite compared to the... show more

How to download google chrome?

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How far out into space is internet access available?

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Is the market completely saturated?

And then I see on the internet, oh! It's 3rd week of June, how am am gonna post him a card and gift today!! Then I just end up sending a picture text greetings message. What do I do?