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Any computer gurus out there?

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Best answer: I agree 100% with the suggestions to use a USB flash drive to transfer files.  If you still want to email a ZIP file (compressed folder), open your email program, start a new message, and use the insert file attachment feature.  The "Send To » Mail Recipient" function in Windows can get corrupted.

Hi ! I just bought a PC without any OS. Right now I'm installing Windows 10. What shall I do just after it finishes installing itself ? Someone told me I should make all the updates necessary (whether it is for Windows or for the sound card... etc). But where do I find these updates ? And in which order shall... show more

Best answer: If you factory reset your computer, my friend, your antivirus software will be deleted, unless it came as part of the 'package' of software that was installed at the time of your computer's construction.

im not aloud to download anything but I used the snipping tool to get a new desktop pic... will mom know?, she can tell if I download something

Do you still buy music?

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I can find pretty much any song legally on youtube or spotify. I have no need to own a digital or hard copy so why would I wish to pay for music when it's so readily available for free?

How much can be earned on itunes?

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What is greater W XP or Windows 7?

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Best answer: If a program messed up and you get that blue screen, you can just reboot. Your computer will still have all of its data, but if you were working on a document and hadn't saved, those changes will be lost. However if your computer crashes in such a way that it cannot be rebooted, that generally means the hard... show more

Anybody use adblock?

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Best answer: im using adblock on chrome without any problems, i hope you resolve this problem, try other adblockers and install them.

How to do screenshot?

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very often, my computer volume is WAY too loud until I shift the slider. let s say I m on youtube, and my slider is nearly at its lowest. it blasts out of my speakers, and while the video is playing, i ll open the mixer and adjust it a tiny bit, and the audio becomes as quiet as it s supposed to be. if I pause the... show more

Best answer: You must be using an older version of Windows if you have only 1 Gig of ram. The only way that you can increase that memory with software is by increasing the virtual memory or paging file on your computer which uses up space on your hard disc and is painfully... show more

I've tried talking to those AI/chat bots, but they all stop making sense pretty quickly... Is there no AI that you could actually have a conversation with or does that not exist yet?

Can someone help?

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Okay, so probably no one plays this game. But if you do, and know how to solve this problem... pleas help! Okay, so I’m on iPhone 5 and I have the episode app..., But some reason, when I go edit my stories on the app... my characters don’t show up. When I play it, they do. But when I go on the editor again and... show more

Unable to download in outlook?

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