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How long can a computer work?

9 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: I have 20 Commodore 64 computers that still work (a couple need some minor repairs that I need to get back to). How long they last depends on several factors. First is the power supply. The original C64 brick power supply usually was filled with potting compound which held in the heat, eventually frying the 5V... show more

I heard a lot of people online talk about how they did away with all their dvds and watch movies only off their hard drive but how do they do it? I tried watching movies off of my hardrive and some movies skip a lot . They are vob files and I'm trying to watch them on my 50 inch Samsung plasma it's and... show more

Best answer: Buy another (bigger) drive and backup more. You always need more than just ONE backup. I myself am extreme. I have besides the data on my computer 4 external backup locations, and I also backup on Blu Ray disks, in WinRAR volumes of 22GB with 2GB of Mulitpar recovery files. Over the years optical media has proven... show more

Can a computer die without warning?

24 answers · 1 week ago
Everything's fine for years, then it suddenly dies and takes all of your files with it?


10 answers · 2 weeks ago

A couple months ago I got my computer repaired because of viruses affecting the hard drive. When I got it back, the 1.8tb hard drive I had used previously was locked on read only mode with all of my previous files, and another much smaller drive had been added. Is there any way for me to recover my big hard drive?... show more

My 12 year old uses these social media and i cant see the videos especially on snap chat but there is alot of them and videos in private messages to people I don't know and videos are deleted so I cant see. How do I monitor this and keep my child safe?

one of my hobbies used to be listening to radio stations globally online, i am in the uk and i used to search google for oldies music radio stations playing 60's, 70's and 80's music in the united states, europe, australia, canada etc...and i used to get lots of websites and links to radio stations in... show more

I have the HyperX Cloud Revolver, and whenever I play youtube or games the sound bleeds into discord. I ve tried multiple things like turning down in game volume, turning up my microphone sensitivity threshold. I tried unplugging the microphone (its detachable) so no audio could go through, but my game audio still... show more

I installed the game but it keeps taking me to steam. I read you have to install some crack. I dont know where is it and how do i install it?