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Best answer: Sony executives said in April that there definitely won't be anything released in 2019 and with the other bits of information experts are loosely predicting fall 2020 for the PS5.

Best answer: In principle, it will work, BUT Guitar amplifiers are not only typically one-channel (mono, not stereo) while konfuzers have stereo outputs, but they are also tricky in terms of signal levels. I use my laptop as a signal source for testing repair items including guitar amplifiers. Since it is only a test... show more

Best answer: the ones i bought that i actually enjoyed playing are: Detroit: become human Trackmania Turbo (up to 4 player split screen) Inside / Limbo (2 games) Gravity Rush Secret of Mana (an updated version of an SNES RPG) Salt & Sanctuary (hard but fun) Spider-Man Fibbage (fun party game for small groups with portable... show more

Best gaming pc under 300?

7 answers · PC · 2 weeks ago

Best answer: They mean the 'holiday season', or the time of year leading up to American Thanksgiving and Christmas. All their previous major consoles released in November, in the US at least (Nov 15/2001 for the Xbox, Nov 22/2005 for the 360, Nov 22/2013 for the One and Nov 7/2017 for the One X). So I'd guess... show more

Best answer: I seriously doubt the PS5 will require a 4k screen. It would be interesting to see how well the PS5 does at 4k but I seriously doubt it's performance will match the RTX 2080ti desktop PC Video Card. The reason I'm bringing up a Desktop PC Graphics card is because I could run it on a 1280x720 or 1366x768... show more

Best answer: It should automatically sign you in, from what I've seen with my nephew and his. Sorta depends too on what you're wanting to do after that ⓂⒾⓄ³

What does a power supply for a gaming pc do?

5 answers · PC · 2 weeks ago
Does it make the games run smoother? Is there a big difference between 550 watt and 650 watt?

Can you play DVD'S in an Xbox one ?

4 answers · Xbox · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Yes you can. Select the Blu-ray app when it comes up after inserting the disc.

PS5! Are they seriously going to make another PlayStation?

5 answers · PlayStation · 3 weeks ago
PS4 is as real as it gets! I mean how better is the PS5 going to be?? probably not by much, I think it's a waste of time making another PlayStation

I don’t know much about pc and I know I have to go through a large process because my cpu isn’t compatible to the Ryzen 5 2600 that I want to upgrade it to. I was wondering if there are any shops in Connecticut or in general that would take my pc and upgrade it for me.

Can I bring my pc on a plane?

3 answers · PC · 3 weeks ago
could I pack it up and bring it with me to the airport? Its a Gaming PC and shipping seems to cost a **** ton. Or how would I get my PC from point a to point b?