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What is your zodiacal sign?

34 answers · 4 days ago

Help, guys! He was so intense, was making plans and everything and then cancelled two dates in a row. Idn if it’s really work like he said. Because work seems always comes up on the date night. Maybe he has issues? He is all water guy. Sun scorpio, moon cancer, mars pisces. Maybe this may change his mood so fast?

Best answer: People who keeps trolling are troll themselves. They have no work and they are bored with their life.

Which sign is most hated and why?

8 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: The one who trolls the most, e.g. the one who keeps trolling "Aquarians" and pretty much everybody else as logically the more you hate on someone the more hated you get. It's not a very clever thing to do, but then since when a drug addict stalker is clever?

Was HITLER really an Aries?

19 answers · 4 days ago
They say he missed being Aries by hours. More Aries are known to be mass murderers than Taurus. Also APRIL 21 ST is Taurus. Hitler was born on April 20

What are the reasons?? I thought Libra is one of the nicest zodiac signs because they are concerned with how other people think of them. Why are people so full of hatred towards Libras? Libra and Cancer are both Cardinal signs but they are not as power hungry as the other two Cardinal signs or Fixed signs because... show more

Best answer: Don’t know about that but their very good at lying and putting on a mask that’s for sure

Does he angry with me for asking unimportant questions? Or he just forgot to answer it

I heard Gemini’s aren’t jealous people but this one is. Is it maybe he’s Virgo moon sign making him like this? Please don’t answer with your “aStrOloGY iS fAkE” comments :)

No does not mean convince me?

5 answers · 16 hours ago
Why can't Leos Libras Gemini Pisces Scorpio understand This.

Trying to get ideas for a special woman in my life that will woo her!

Best answer: Definitely not.

Best answer: I dont think I would get along with a person like that either. The people I have met who believe in it seem to young girls or middle class women with no higher education than public high school so I think comparatively they are stupid in general.