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Best answer: You CAN. Whether or not you SHOULD is a different question. One that you need to call the dermatologist's office to ask. It would depend on what they're checking on, really. Worst case, take your makeup with you and do it after the appointment if you feel you absolutely can't go to the next appointment... show more

My wife has stopped wearing makeup?

23 answers · 6 days ago
she still wears eyeliner and the coneal stuff but? she has ceased with blush, lipstick and the to kindly suggest she start wearing it again? its been two weeks of little makeup and a relationship is a two way street

Is it bad to wear makeup everyday?

9 answers · 3 days ago

Best answer: agree

It''s for my daughter's wedding. I want to look my best. What is the best brand foundation regardless of price? It needs to photograph well, hide shadows.