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Best answer: Sure. As soon as some guy makes a smart remark about GothGirl being too elderly for such looks, or a similar comment, the cold cream will come out.

I’m only pretty with makeup on. He lives quite far so we meet once a week and I always look good when I meet him. He hasn’t seen me without makeup.. (I don’t have bad skin and yes I still have eyebrows) I just think I look so much better with makeup on. And idk if it’s just my insecurities but I feel like he... show more

Best makeup to hide birthmarks?

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CHEAP. please not expensive and if you could, if its like in stores. I heard that "pro concealer" or something could hide scars and birthmarks n stuff is that true? Its only a really small birthmark on my face that im really kind of self consious of:/ please give me some really cheap foundation/concealers... show more


Best answer: makes us look and feel better! of course men can, its the 21st century x

Best answer: The quality is very different im lipstick. Cheaper ingredients, bad staying power, bad smell, nasty feeling on the lips, bad packaging. The cheapest lipstick I like is still 10 euros worth. Guerlain and Dior have amazing and clean packaging, and ingredients like rose, vanilla, bergamot. The finish is designed in a... show more

Best answer: Agree. Unless you're a hooker there are very few occasions where red lipstick is appropriate. Never in the daytime.

Best answer: It depends a lot but in general I personally don't particularly prefer it. Not that I'm really bothered by it either.

Best answer: Yes, brighten your hair. When I made my mom blonde from a dark brown she looked like 10 years younger! Also, make sure you get contacts if you wear glasses. I look so much older with them on. Finally your skin. If you have Sun damage that will age you like crazy. Most of what we perceive as old is actually... show more

Best answer: Morphe has some really great brushes at really nice prices. Their individual brushes are a good price, but the real deals are the brush sets. Most of them come with a carrying case too.

I’m 22 but people always tell me I look like I’m 16 or 17, more rarely they say I look 14. This was never really a problem until I go promoted to dog trainer at work. Now people are having a hard time believing me because they just “can’t believe a 14 year old knows anything about dogs that they don’t.” Even though... show more

Best answer: " I found the baby-wipe-as-face-wipe idea intriguing for a few reasons. One, I have lazy phases when it comes to p.m. face-washing, and wipes encourage me to at least remove my makeup. Two, wipes designed specifically for the face can be somewhat pricey and often disappoint me, either by burning my sensitive... show more

Do anybody sell Mary Kay?

40 answers · 2 weeks ago
My friend does it and said it would be good for me. I guess she gets some type of bonus points? I was really just wondering if you can make enough to cover your own cost of buying good lipsticks. Like just selling a few boxes would be better than buying at the store. Anyone do this?

Best answer: Too garish and cheap looking.

Do you like smoky eye makeup?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: ABSOLUTELY.

Best answer: I do not like Stila cosmetics at all

Do you like red lipstick?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: No because it doesn't look good on my complexion regardless of what kind of red it is. I just don't look good in red clothing or makeup.

Are you into BB foundation creams?

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Best answer: As another user said, their makeup products are pretty good especially when you consider the low price. However, the skincare line and the makeup tools is horrible. especially avoid the skincare line. It broke me out and their eye cream which is supposed to hydrate created a crease from dryness that took weeks to... show more