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Best answer: Yes..I think it's only fare considering you changed your diapers and So Much More... My mom is 56 and if she asked me... my answer would be : What Color..You want glitter or dots ect. :)

How can I smell nice?

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I'm a girl and all girls in school smell nice. I probably smell bad... I wear deodorant but it wears off in 5 minutes. Would perfume stay?

Best answer: I think it was just as rude of you to ask if she thinks someones ugly, very immature

How would you rate me?

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and why

Is the end near?

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Give me full answers, please?

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According to you, how beautiful I am on a scale of one to ten? I'm as beautiful as Tamsin egerton and Lily Collins,I mean, I'm at their level ?

I have big breast and a slim body. What kind of top would enhance my cleavage?

Cause I’m skinny

Belly button piercings?

7 answers · 2 days ago
What do you think a good age is for belly button piercings and do you think age 15 is suitable? I ask as my 15 year old daughter is interested in having one. Also, what is the procedure and should she expect the pain to be bad? Many thanks x

I don't get it. Most of the time I think I look fine, but in the mirror and in my head Iook completely different to how I look in photos. I'm not insecure about my appearance until I actually see what I look like in photographs, then I'm like whattt, this looks nothing like me. I'd think I'm... show more

Are these nice arms for a guy?

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Best answer: Might as well just let it go. She gives you a "pass" instead of taking what you said as an insult to her friend. Loaded questions like that don't really require a totally honest answer.

Best answer: Some people just aren't photogenic, which means they don't act as natural in front of the camera

Best answer: This guy has always been in my top 5 for a long time - I am not sure why he appeals to me more than most other guys I have seen. Maybe its his chiseled looks along with a feeling of confidence and a little arrogance thrown in. And in my imagination I do not have to wonder about his D - its perfect. 7", cut,... show more

I just finished googling all of the ingredients in my protein tightening creams: They're all organic NOTHINGS! And a lot of this stuff is just "preservatives" to keep the organic buIIshit ingredients from molding in the container! Why don't our politicians do something about aging if they want us... show more

Please, answer me?

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Best answer: you look sad

I wanna d1e im so ugly its INSANE?

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ppl can get nice haircuts, nice facial hair, nice skin care or literally anything and it will be noticeable and better on them even if they are ugly. i can't relate, i get a haircut every 2-3 weeks MAX i shower twice a day, shave daily, face wash daily, moisturize and all that **** everyday... not a single... show more