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I went on a site to watch a movie, and without clicking on anything chrome suddenly downloaded a file and my MacBook had some phony audio message play saying not to turn my computer off. I deleted the file and emptied my trash. I’m scared my information has been compromised. What should I do? I’m on 10.6.8 I think... show more

I want to be a hacker?

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How to get rid of trolls?

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Best answer: Simple answer? You can't! You could just stay off the internet, but that's a bit excessive.

How do u get rid of a virus?

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How to uninstall Norton Antivirus?

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I want to stop pop ads, what do I do?

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Best answer: The people creating viruses are *good*, and each antivirus company has to hustle to keep up. Maybe Norton's not doing so well at it. And of course some users do not keep their software up to date, so changes Norton makes in virus definition and identification are not there. Or they never run a full scan. Or... show more

How do I install Adblock?

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Best answer: It's alright, but in truth it would not be very smart.

I ve heard friends talk about VPNs at school and how it can bypass certain vlocks on websites my school has. Also what is it, and what can you use it for?

I dont want to actually do anything, I just want to know what I could do. He's kind of an asshole and I even told him he did something that compromised his security. He looked at me like I was stupid when I told him. I imagine he uses the same password for everything

Remove Write Protection?

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Best answer: Now that you know you were likely scammed and there is likely a hidden program on your computer that allows this "organization" to take control of your computer and settings for their advantage, take it to a local computer repair shop and explain what you did and ask them to hopefully find the program or... show more


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I have a computer, but i can’t download any anti viruses to remove the virus because it’ll say it runs into a error. my windows defender is offline and it says it’s missing a file so it can’t run properly. i can’t access task manager i click on it and it closes. I’ve tried to reboot and start a fresh new computer... show more